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Panther Mk.V STGB Chat

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Hello everyone ... To prove to myself that I am certifiable. I still have the Proposed British AFV group build going. I also have the Patton Single type build in 2019, the F4U Corsair STGB in 2020, & This build the dates are 10 Oct. 2020 - 10 Jan. 2021. I really must be a glutton for punishment. 

     We have ourselves a Single type group build covering the Mk.V Panther and all of its progeny. If anyone is interested please give a shout out or raise your hand so to speak. The general idea being actual vehicles. If a physical prototype was built and tested then it counts👍. As always all scales are welcome. Simply put I dont know everything about Panthers so please ask me or the co-host and we can research and determine if a particular version counts.  


🔹= Standard build rules will apply including the 25% rule.


🔷 = Ok I have had a change of heart on this build. I will allow Paper-Panzers. 




🔺1. Corsairfoxfouruncle - Skorzenys M10 clone

🔺2. @Sgt.Squarehead= co-host

3. @SimonT

4. @PlaStix

5. @vppelt68

6. @German Armour

7. @SleeperService

8. @Arniec

9. @Ozzy

10. @Mike

11. @trickyrich

12. @Joss

12a. @Knight_Flyer

14. @Robert Stuart

15. @Julien

16. @Mark Hoffmanly


18. @Badder

19. @bigfoot

20. @Romeo Alpha Yankee

21. @wimbledon99

22. @sampanzer

23. @modelling minion

24. @Rodders154

🏁25. @Dave_R

26. @Yetifan

27. @badger

28. @diases

29. @Foxbat

30. @Mig Eater

31. @BIG X

32. @theplasticsurgeon

33. @daront

34. @srkirad

35. @jean


37. @klr

38. @Will9962

39. @Bonhoff

40. @Redcoat2966

41. @Tim R-T-C

42. @Soeren

43. @Jasper dog

44. @M3talpig

45. @Longbow







🔷🔷🔷 Simple Reminder that we’re just shy of one mont until the start date. 🔷🔷🔷

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@Panther II .. when i get the 25 signatures to move forward Enzo Matrix will offer up the best date most likely in late 2019 or 2020. Plenty of time to gather info, kit, and A/M. The quicker we get the required 25 signups the sooner i can get a date set-up. Let me know if you’d like me to add your name to the list in the first post. 



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Hello everyone ... Figured I’d Bump this to the Top of the pile, just to let others see it. In case anyone is interested it wouldn't be until at least 2019. Plenty of time to get a kit, information, & some Aftermarket bits to add to it. Please consider signing up. 



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Providing I'm still alive by then and haven't already built all my Panthers (I do like a nice Panther), you can put me down for this, but I reserve the right to be dead by then :)

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