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Japanese F-35B retro-painted as an A6M2

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Fujimi released a great 1/72 kit of the F-35B as it would appear based aboard two of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force's Helicopter "Destroyers."  I took this kit a step further and retro-painted and marked the Kokutai's (Air Group Commander's) F-35B embarked aboard JS Kaga, DDH-184, as an A6M2 of WWII lineage stationed aboard the IJN Carrier Kaga, during 1941-42.  (The modern Kaga, DDH-184 is almost the same size in length, as aircraft carrier Kaga which served in WWII.)

Hope you enjoy this future fighter of the JMSDF!  I used Eduards photo etch set for the cockpit, and Berna Decals for the hinamarus and tail code.  The identification bands on the fuselage and tail were masked and painted.


UPDATE:  Appears that the Japanese will buy 40 F-35Bs.  Resurrecting the Kiddo Butai!












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