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Spirit of St Louis 1:48

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Below is my take on the following photo of the Spirit of St Louis.

While not the most technically complicated model, I found the challenge being to make a realistic looking toy-sized model of a somewhat toy-like looking full-sized plane.












Thanks for looking.



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Marvellous diorama concept, superbly executed!


In fact, I think it's a good idea not to replicate the photo exactly – it would invite comparisons of details. This scene could depict the setting-up of the photo session, with the photographer mulling over the alternatives and then finally deciding on the port side of the plane. ;-)


Being a photographer by profession, I find one detail a bit jarring: that consumer style video camera on top of the tripod! There were no video cameras in 1927, only silent film movie cameras. The likely camera in this situation would've been a Graflex Speed Graphic, the first 1912-1927 model of the ubiquitous press camera.



This is the 1928 model, but in 1:48th scale it would look close enough to the earlier model. :-D


As it stands, the dio seems to depict a modern day re-enactment of the occasion, perhaps for a movie or a rock video? ;-)


Fantastic work, apart from the choice of camera! ;-)


Kind regards,



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