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She's a beauty Richard. Fabulous weathering and detailing. You've really captured the used look to perfection. Very fond of the rust patches and runs in the dirt. Nicely done mate. 

I hope it is n't another eight years before we see another from you.



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3 hours ago, AndyRM101 said:

Great job Richard. The chipping and rust steaks look fantastic. Did you do the streaking with paint or the watercolour pencils you used on the AT-ST?




Thanks Andy!

The streaking was done both by enamel washes.....................


and by using Vallejo Washes on top of Vallejo Retarder Medium 70.597 slightly thinned with water painted onto the surface first, on areas pointed out with the red arrows. Although this is a poor photo it does best show the very subtle shadow blend I was able to achieve in the green area, blending in the direction of the black arrows. This blend was also achieved with the Vallejo Wash and Retarder Medium mix.





I also used Ammo Mig White Oilbrusher to add dots of white onto the upper pink ID panel, then blend them in using an old flat brush to create a faded bleached out look.


Also for the first time I used the combination of Tamiya X-35 semi-gloss clear, Tamiya XF-86 Flat Clear and Mr Color GX112 Super Clear III for all the various varnishing work, all thinned with Mr Color Levelling Thinner. These products give a far superior finish to acrylic varnishes that I've had nothing but problems with.






There is also a final dusty water wash all over using Lifecolor UA 09 Sand.





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wow - what a superb model - looks fantastic - cant believe how small it is once I got down to your WIP photos - having gone from a high gloss to that lovely worn and dusty finish must have taken a lot of work and skill


top marks - I love it - what a stunning little diorama, the base looks great too

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