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Wacky Wabbit - Harvard 1/72

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18 hours ago, CedB said:

Stay safe!

Yes of course, as I stayed home, but I'm not sure about further things to happen. These stayed along with Kyrill and Ela:



Edit: Tomorrow a aftermath photo, I saw today in the afternoon


Today the mess is clearly visible. No garden party at the moment:






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You are going great guns on th e "Wabbit" Ced.

The "Custom Decals" look fine, and a nice pitot too.

Paint work is good, after looking at the pic and seeing the soft edges I would say great.


Carry on sir, damn fine job.



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Ced, just got to tell you what a fantastic job I think you did on the Freehand Luke approach. 

Brave Sir Cedric didn't run away!


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Holy moley, she is looking quite the part dear boy. Free hand to boot.:clap:muchos impressed. Nice masking also, I nearly forgot with all the fine paint that’s happening around here. That blue underbelly.:Tasty:


Johnny boy.

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Thank you Bill, Keith, Chris, Simon, Jon, Tony, Johnny and Cookie  - you're all very kind :)


Benedikt that tree fall looks nasty! I hope none of the branches went through the windows?



In to town this morning for a haircut, purchase of a Senior Person's Railcard (groan) and renewal of the 'Discovery Card' that gives us residents free access to some of the museums. Nice to have a wander around. Popped into Maplins and just resisted buying one of these. It won't last.


Mrs B was out too so I took advantage of her absence for some 'real food'. There are lots of food places in Bath but I wanted food so I headed for the bottom of town and selected 'somewhere with chips'. Naughty of me. In my defence, I was left unsupervised (I must get one of those T-shirts). I dithered over Pieminister but they don't do chips so I plumped (apt) for a pulled Pork bun and fries in the Grillstock Smokehouse. Yum. It has to be said that, sometimes, junk food hits the spot. You know, the big one just below my chest. To be fair to them they did have a sign by the till that said 'Go Large' and offering to SupersizeTM me. As I said to the young lady behind the counter, too late for me, not required thank you. Nor did I accept the 'lunch deal' that added a sugary drink. Oh, the strength I exhibited sticking to my principles (and saving the need for another, larger wardrobe of clothes).


I also visited an old 'Engineering' shop in Bath to get a quote for a threshold plate so that Mrs B can continue to pull off her Wellies on the doorstep without rotting the wood. Great place Bowlers, now part of Avery Knight (sadly). Old Mr Bowlers workshop has been preserved at the Museum of Bath at Work. Odd name that... sort of implies that work in Bath is a past activity... oh no, wait :) I remember the old shop, now a car park. You could go in there with a lump of metal and Mr Bowler would say "Looks like the lower bearing from a Hotpoint 1234 washing machine. I'll have a look" and he'd vanish into the bowels of the shop and there would be much clattering of drawers and boxes. If he didn't have the part he could make one for you. No, really. Great discussion with the lads in the shop about how I missed this but how could they survive when I can get a pair of (dangerous) clippers shipped from China for £2.30? Strange world, but some nice people.


I also asked Maplin and Avery Knight about needle files, small ones. No joy. I already have these:



File collection by Ced Bufton, on Flickr


... but I'd really like some tiny ones for jobs like the pitot. Any ideas chaps?


Back to the bench. You know that feeling that us lesser modellers get when we ignore stuff? Sort of a niggling guilt. There are some seams I missed that I was going to put down to panel lines but then saw these:


24909379747_0f2c920061_n.jpg 38880423315_cb8c360731_n.jpg


Had to be sorted, especially the locating marks for the gun pods. With a mix of chiselling and Micro-mesh I got rid of the plastic and 'feathered' the paint then applied the first thin coat of Azure:


24909683617_4534f9ccb0_n.jpg 39748801582_2e6434b2b4_n.jpg


Lovely coverage this Colourcoats stuff.

I've also masked and painted the walkways and blobbed the black in some other places.


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Yep Ced, the ever lasting battle to prevent the expansion of the lower body, continuous !!!!

One cream cake and on goes half a stone?


As for those little bits that you first don`t notice!!!

Yes, we all suffer those...


Still, she is coming along well sir.


Simon (The trying not to put the pounds on again)

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Hello Ced, thanks. No I haven't seen any broken windows,  but I guess the roof is damaged and leaking. They were tall and heavy. The biggest problem now is to get them away (sadly!), because no hydraulic ramps could be put into a good position there or in our garden.

For the needle files I would search for dentist tools ( Second hand) as they are  "only" a modeller of our theeth imho.

Tooth picks with glued sandpaper? Maybe. Cheers

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Sounds like you had an excellent day out but please remember those of us who were at work.

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to correct spelling.
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Hey, I’ve just come back from a little leave to find that whilst I was away a mini me Wacky Wabbit has almost been completed! It’s looking great already, and I find your attention to detail (as with the Rapide built) fantastic! 

Keep up the good work, and I’ll enjoy watching the final few steps, it’s a nice reminder of one of the last days I got a chance to fly ‘proper’ planes last year. I was very happy we managed to get all the variables aligned to make it happen!

All the best,


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Thanks Simon :) One cream cake and on goes half a stone??!! Where do you get your cakes?

Thanks Benedikt - glad to hear there were no broken windows, always scary during a storm. :(

I had a (long) search for needle files and, apart from one diamond thingy at over £30 (no, not even me) I searched BM again and ordered some from Paul that Nigel recommended.

Thanks Simon and apologies for telling the workers what a grand life us retired lot have... you'll be there before you know it! :D

Thanks Johnny :) Yep, sanding after painting was a bit of a big step for me but I've seen others doing this - you know the ones who apply paint to find imperfections - and thought 'Hey, if you're not happy, go for it'. We'll see tomorrow if I made the right decision but I think the 'secret' is feathering the paint so as to not get (hopefully) lumps and bumps.

Thanks John, very kind :)

Brian! Welcome! I'm really pleased you're following and that you like the progress so far. I hope I'm picking up the bits and pieces you showed me during the walk around, although I did resist 'doing a Nigel' and modelling the fire extinguisher! Thanks again for the flight - the memory will be with me for a long while and I'm very grateful :)



Not much progress this weekend. Yesterday we went up to London for the eldest's birthday. Decided to get the train and was initially excited that, when it arrived, it was one of the new 'should have been electric' Hitachi trains. Sadly the back set was broken and locked so the train was as crowded as the old ones they're supposed to replace. Already. And the reservation system wasn't working. What's wrong with these people? I remember when they proudly launched the 'Adalante' replacements for the HST and they left service after a few months with, apparently, no cost to the tax payer as they hadn't met their quality of service parameters. The HSTs got upgraded and they're still trundling. Ho hum.

Went to the Sir John Soane Museum - a great place and I was really impressed by the guided tour Mrs B had booked. Well worth a visit.

Nice lunch and then back on the train - same set - this time with paper reservation cards. Sometimes the old ways are best?

Out to my sister's today so very little done, but I have masked the wheel wells (a la Stew) and the rest of the model with the masking sheet Hendie reminded me I had:



What overspray? by Ced Bufton, on Flickr


I'll hopefully get that sprayed tomorrow and have a play with the new MAC valve.

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Wanted to 'LIKE'

Wanted to 'CONFUSED'

Wanted to 'LAUGH'




and wanted to just enjoy your day out with you

but Smiley-dom doesn't cover all that at once so have a plain vanilla (ooh foooood) like for it


I don't think you can still buy G Stubs needle files any more than you can rely upon the trains of Olde England but I still have a few cherished ones from the 1975 tool room and I do really cherish them, things of refined beauty they are


(Mind you I have the red and black handled version of your blue ones and they do most of the tasks I put them to without failing nor complaining)


Woger-Wacky-Wabbit has the look of a winner about him already, who even remembers bombracks on the old Airfix one huh?

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Thanks Johnny - the masking stuff is handy for this sort of job but hard(ish) to search for! 'Masking Tape with Cover Film' works and also points you at 'drop cloth' which if, like me, you only use to protect from overspray is a lot cheaper (wish I'd known) :)

Thanks Bill :) Of course I searched for the needle files (missed a set on eBay) but no joy. They do sell the expensive Swiss sets but I think I'll manage - £40-100 is too steep for me!


Finally got the touch up done this morning:



Touched up by Ced Bufton, on Flickr


I initially confused myself with the MAC valve, trying to work out a number for the pressure I wanted. Then I remember Cookie's advice to adjust it to the paint flow that you wanted and with the compressor at 30psi I dialled it down until it sprayed exactly the flow / pattern I wanted on a paper towel. I think I've finally got it. Old dog and all that...

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13 hours ago, CedB said:

apart from one diamond thingy at over £30 (no, not even me)

Hello Ced, looking good. If you only use it for plastic, you won't need the ultra expensive (for Titan, stainless steel, etc).


( Sorry for the long link)


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Sorry Ced, I can't remember what you wanted the small needle files for & despite going back a couple of pages can't find the original post. 


So, may be of no use whatsoever, but would a broach do the job? Something like these;




Nice paint repair job!



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Thanks Keith and Benedikt - great links! I didn't think about searching for 'Broaches', silly me :shrug:

I wanted these for the pitot and could still do with something small if I'm going to carry on doing silly tiny scratch bits.

The KS Tools ones look good - they're available here and you can see from the second image how small the files are; 1mm thick x 5mm flat, 3 and 5mm round, etc. They're in London but charging £10 delivery so the total cost of £36+ is still 'an investment'.

The broach set looks good though so I've saved the links in case I can't resist need them in the future. :)

I'll see what the sets I've ordered from Paul look like, hopefully arriving soon.



I'm getting close to the end I think (dangerously). The next major bodging modelling task was to get the wheels up:




Ah, not designed the kit for wheels up then, what a surprise. The first job was to burr some slots in the locating holes:



Burr by Ced Bufton, on Flickr


... but they still didn't sit flat. A silver mark on the wheel bay showed me the u/c leg was fowling:



Silver hint by Ced Bufton, on Flickr


... so I filed that. Still not flat. Burr out the wheel bay at the front, sand the wheel, cut off the u/c leg from behind the wheel:




and finally the wheel sits where I'm happy:



One down by Ced Bufton, on Flickr


You can see the mess I've made of my lovely wheels :weep:

The other one's in now too and I'll touch them up later - when the glue and the Humbrol filler that the wheels are resting on has had a chance to dry.

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That last couple of updates read like a cross between Kenneth Clark's Civilization, Raymond Baxter commentating on Farnborough, and a 'You and Yours' episode on the vicissitudes of train travel Ced.


Came home shattered from work and this made me smile.


Thank-you! :thumbsup:

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Didnt this come with a wheels up option?


Memory gets worsererer  :(


Anyway, so what it gets nicer by the subtle touches Ced

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