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It's a HOG! 1/72 Italeri A-10A Thunderbolt II - Completed! Pg.32


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10 hours ago, The Spadgent said:

Wowza. Beautiful, beautiful work Giorgio.

well deserved medal. Just had a bit of a catch up as I’ve been a bit busy over the past week.  You can be really proud of that one. Looking forward to the skyray.



Thanks Johnny, glad you like her :thumbsup:

7 hours ago, Cookenbacher said:

Congratulations Giorgio, well deserved!

Cheers Cookie, thank you! :thumbsup: 

4 hours ago, keefr22 said:


G - I am an idiot! It's not stronger glasses I need, but to remember where I left my memory! Not only did I completely forget that Airfix had done a new Harrier GR9 but also the cracking job you'd made of building one - despite having followed your buid from the start! I was talking about the new GR1/3 kit that they'd done....!! 


I can just imagine you being as puzzled by me thinking the Harrier's panel lines were fine, as me wondering how you could think they were trenchy....!!


Communications breakdown.....!! :)



:rofl: No problem K. Anway, I did have a better look at the fuselage and saw what you mean. Still, I think it's sort of half-way between the very deep lines of Airfix's Harrier GR9 and the much finer ones of the HASEGAWA or Academy kits.

1 hour ago, amblypygid said:

Congrats on the medal, Giemme, well deserved. 

Thanks Chris! :thumbsup: 

43 minutes ago, CedB said:

Congratulations Giorgio, well deserved indeed! :) 

Thank you, Ced! :thumbsup: 



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Hi everybody, RFI posted here:

Once more, many thanks to everybody for following along, helping, cheering up and all - you're a wonderful lot :thumbsup::thumbsup: 




Edited by giemme
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