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Mass Effect: The SSV Normandy Remembrance Flight

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Hi all! So I'm embarking on an overambitious but fun project to reimagine the main cast of the Mass Effect games as models. I know, bit nuts. But I enjoy making WWII era planes, doing interesting paint jobs and I'm obsessed with Mass Effect, so it makes sense to me. I'm posting my WIPs and finished builds in the Aircraft section, but I'd like to cross-post a list here if that's alright by y'all, as it was suggested that the sci-fi crowd might be interested too. 


Read the in-universe background here!


The first plane I ended up completing was Jacob Taylor's:


Followed by Urdnot Wrex:


And the wonderful Liara T'Soni:


Here's the plan for the other characters going forward:


Kaidan Alenko: Gloster Gladiator, paint scheme TBD

Admiral Anderson: Polikarpov I-10, white-blue-space fade

Dr. Chakwas: TBD

Kelly Chambers: TBD

Steve Cortez: P-51D Mustang, horizon paint scheme

EDI & Joker: Identical A6M Zeroes (they race them) in custom noseart schemes

Kasumi Goto: Horten Ho229 in black and crimson

Jack: Messerschmitt Bf110 Zerstorer in silver with tattoo markings

Javik: Bf109G in burgundy

Thane Krios: M6A1 Seiran with wave motif

Miranda Lawson: Fw190A-8 in black and white

Legion: TBD

Zaeed Massani: A-1 Skyraider with wasp patterning

Tali'Zorah vas Normandy: Bell 47 medical version, in lilac and purple

Samara: Ju87 Stuka, paint scheme TBD

Mordin Solus: Blohm und Voss Bv141 in white and orange

Sam Traynor: De Havilland Vampire, paint scheme TBD

Urdnot Grunt: Me262 with shark patterning

Garrus Vakarian: P-38 Lightning in blues

James Vega: P-47 Thunderbolt, paint scheme TBD

Ashley Williams: De Havilland Mosquito in metallic blue and silver


And the big one - the part of the Normandy SR-2 will be played by the B-17G Flying Fortress, with a paint job as close as I can get to the ingame ship.


I've started Ashley's plane and a friend has started Jack's. Feel free to comment if you've got any questions, or if you fancy tackling a build yourself! Let's face it, it'll take me YEARS to get through all this lot alone.

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Cool idea.


I was in love with the first two ME games and have probably played them more than any other BioWare RPGs excluding the BG series (though I thought 3 was a bit iffy past the half way mark and Andromeda is, from all reports, terrible and is the likely reason that the franchise is indefinitely 'on hold').


You should add Blasto to the list, for comedic effect if nothing else.

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