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Steinbeck's "Cannery Row"


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I am seeking information about Wing Chong's market and would appreciate any help offered


http://www.thehistorycompany.com/albums ... intro.html


Bill Johnk --- the Wing Chong Market.

actually, a larger picture of the model would be really helpful, but I don't know how to do that!


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If you can get BBC I-player there was a Rick Stein programme on last night and he was on about Cannery Row and there were images of statues etc. there. Don't know if this may be of any use to you. There was also some nice looking sour dough bread but no stotties though.

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Saw the title & thought for a minute you were going to do a railroad diorama through Cannery Row.  I have walked along the footpath on the old track bed a few times & always wondered what it would have looked like when trains were running.  Been in to most of the shops along there & eaten down at Bubba Gumps after a visit to the aquarium.  But don’t have anything photo wise over about 5 years ago.  Good luck with the plan

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