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Best Laser Decal Paper 2017

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I used to use ink printers to print my decals but recently I bought a colour laser printer for my non-modelling needs and I want to try it to print decals. So the question is - what is the best / thinnest laser decal paper available in UK? 

I'm seeking for "I tried xxx, yyy and zzz and prefer yyy because ... " kind of answer rather than "I tried xxx and happy with it".


Do not recommend "Expert's choice", the paper they sell was available on www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk (before it shut down) 40% cheaper so I don't believe they produce it, same thing about Microscale.

How about "Lazertran"? Anybody tried it? I heard a lot of positive words about "Freedecor" paper, not sure it is available in UK. 



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I understand that Expert's Choice may not be making the paper themselves, in any case their laser specific decal paper is IMHO very good in terms of thickness. I've found their laser paper thinner than the inkjet paper. Ok, not the kind of answer you wanted to hear but just my experience based on a few years of printing with laser

I haven't tried Lazertran mainly because it costs me a lot to get it in my country while Expert's Choice is easily available. I've heard good things too, but I'm not too keen on spending £25 just to get some sheets and do a test

I tried using Microscale and Tauromodel clear decal sheets and I can say that Microscale's sheets are very thin but IMHO they don't work well, toner does not stick as well. Same with Tauromodel sheets, and these aren't that robust either (of course neither claim to be able to be used for laser printers).

At the moment I'm waiting for decal paper from another couple of manufacturers, mainly as I'm doing some experimentation (all cheaper than Lazertran for me) I'll let you know how they perform.

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I'm not sure if it's available in the UK but I tried a few different types before settling on decal paper by Papilio.  It was easy to work with and gave some really good results, and the film thickness was 0.0015" - barely noticeable once applied. 

One warning though - I had some in the stash for about a year and went to use it - the clear film broke up inside the printer, almost as if it had become brittle.  I'm putting that down to being my fault for holding onto it for so long and probably not storing it correctly.

I'll be ordering more though for my next custom decals

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