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Ever since I got hold of this book:


There was one chapter that tickled my brain.

The chapter is named, "planned developments and modifications" and contains all the projects that nevere got anywhere, like the JA35 with larger radar, the AS35X with a GE J79 engine and thinner nose (no radar probably). All very tempting subjects, but what really set me off was the 35 Mod 4 version which is something of a brutish beast.

During the late -70:s there was much confusion about how the next aircraft to replace Viggen should look like.

The B3LA attack/trainer was cancelled ( a wooden mockup of the fuselage still exists) and the Gripen was not officially sanctioned or started.

The AttackViggens (AJ37) were delivered, and production of FighterViggen (JA37) was ramping up, but there were a lot of Drakens still around that was going to be replaced by FighterViggen.

At the same time it was felt that the strike capacity of the Airforce was low, especially anti ship.

What to do then? Off course modify Draken for this!

With new extended span wings, hightened fin, retractable canards and two new weapon stations for the Big Mean RB15.

Maximum Take-off weight was raised to 15tons (the Danish Draken had MTOW 16 tons, so this was not a problem) and maximum landing weight to 11 tons.

Simulation had showed that during landing the clearance between the runway and the fins on RB15 was 44mm...


These guys were cutting it close, for sure!

Nice 3-way drawings exists in the book, but also here



In the end, Gripen was approved and the Mod 4 version was dialled back to Mod 1, which then turned into J35J (seen on the cover of the book)


I will do a AJ35 Draken, around the end of Cold War, fully loaded with 2Rb15, two jammer/countermeasure pods, two Sidewinders and two fuel tanks. The kits to use will be these:




I also have a Pavla Resin seat, and Maestro Models KA&KB ECM-pods and RB15.

This should be fun!


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Posted (edited)

I had a picture of almost all the resin goodies too:


Somewhere I got a blister with the RB15 missiles to, but for now, lets start with the cockpit:


No fancy stuff this time, since I'm aiming for a closed canopy and then kit decals will be sufficient.

Still need to add a HUD and the two tiny braces on the front canopy, but that will be later.


Rear face of the cockpit wall has a quite large gap, but I won't do anything about that for this build.

I'll save that for the next one....


Now I can glue the fuselage halves together and start to work on the conversion stuff.

The outer wing will use the Gripen wing, suitable cut off, standard dog tooth removed and a new one carved furter inboard.

The fin will recieve a new ECM fairing, and also an extension at the top, like this.


Compared to Drakens standard wing it will extend the span by 7mm on each side which will get me the increase in wingspan by 1m.


I also started to build the Canard compartments from plastic.


These will be sanded to a more wingfoil profile later, and I also need to adjust the sweepback of them.

It's a start atleast.

Then one also needs to have  look of the entire package


It sure looks like a different Draken already!

Edited by Christer A

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One feature that all SAAB jets share, atleast the last four fighters, is that the control surfaces always droops when the hydraulic pressure drops.

Bring out the saw!


Off course, the outer (elevons?) needs to come off too


The tail cone has also been attached, so it looks like I really need to dig into filling and sanding now!

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Thanks cookie!

I guess people will notice it a bit more when I start the FOA-camouflage, or as it's commonly known, 4-color Viggen splintercammo. It was trialled on a Draken first...

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After beeing hit with a flu this week I've been at home, but unable to do much in the modelling business. A shame to waste sick days like that, but I was not ble to do more than watching Netflix for a couple of days.

But yesterday I felt the energy returning to me, so naturally I turned to the bench!

I didn't like the canard extensions, the looked far too DIY and not speedy enough, so I added a wedge in front an reshaped the area accordingly.
The canards themselves were carved from the Gripen ones, which was the plan all along.

Also added a little noseweight and fitted the radome.
Dihedral canards are also called for.
Trying to drill some lightening holes here, but probably was there still some fever left in me, because this is very far from pretty. Fill and redo I think.


But the whole thing surely looks bonkers!

Edited by Christer A

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Posted (edited)


Just to show that there is some progress on this little bugger.


First coat of primer is on. Now to start eliminating all blemishes, of which there are lots.

Maybe I should do an attempt to restore and add a few panel lines ? 

Edited by Christer A

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Not my subject but I thought I'd take a look. Very impressive but as you say, looks 'bonkers', looks like it should be space or under the sea...those canards look odd to the rest of the plane. Just weird. :yes:


Crack on.

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Those canard foreplanes were just folded out for landing, to help decrease landing speed of which Draken has lots of.

I've filled a bunch of gaps using liquid sprue:


All filling and sanding will tide me over until the spring arrives, so one can start proper painting again!

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