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RAF Grumman Tomcat FGR 1

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Progress and Decisions...


The transfer time... RAF faded roundels in place, now I have to chose the rest. 

The logic behind this model is that the MRCA was a failure and the RAF had to get something in a hurry: the F14D could be brought forward to replace Phantoms and Buccaneers. So I'm using Tornado identities, and assuming the Tomcat FGR 1 was developed form the F14D, able to use laser guided bombs, anti radar missiles and sidewinders as needed. 




I have 2 possible Desert Storm options... 


1. ZD 790, nose art Debbie and Snoopy Airways, 15 Squadron, 

2. ZA 447, nose art "Mig Eater, 617" Squadron from the Revell Tonka: a rather nice shark mouth. 


Your votes, please whilst I finish the weapons...



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42 minutes ago, dnl42 said:

Just found this thread, and the concept looks quite fun! :clap2:


I love the shark mouth, but looking at the decal image, I'm not sure it will fit with its cut-outs. 


This is the actual Revell 1/32 transfer sheet, somewhat different from the PSL version.




But you are right, I think I'll print a copy and  see if it fits, the yellow box could go over the IR seeker under the F14s nose. 

if not then it will be ZD790 as the sheet I have is a bit more amenable...


The transfer sheet is a bit grubby, if the muck won't come off then another reason why Debbie wins.. !


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Well, the Mig Eater "Mouth" would not conform to the shape of the F14, do Debbie it is! 

First look here...




working with the original F14 stencils and warnings and the RAF markings is a bit of a challenge, the 20+ year old Tamiya transfers are a bit fragile and need nicely warm water to release, but with a bit of Microset they seem to conform well enough. I suspect I'll have to seal them down as soon as they have set so they don't then lift. 


The RAF Roundel is a bit of licence: RAF Jaguars had one under the cockpit, Tonkas didn't. 


The weapons fit is likely to be as follows:

2 x LGB 1000lbs under forward fuselage 

2 x Maverick, again rather exploiting the "what if" theme, mounted under the engine nacelles

2 x ALARM wing pylon mounted 

2 x Sidewinder, wing pylon mounted 

1 x TIALD, mounted  under the rear fuselage... not sure if this would work, so I may swap with one of the Mavericks. 


The next photo will be with all the upper surface markings and some initial weathering. I'm assuming that the F14 would look as scruffy as the Tonkas did...

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  • 1 year later...

Another year passed... and Debbie is almost ready to go on display after 4 years along this thread and in total more than 30 years in build....


The last stage was Transfers (hundreds of them) and weapons, possibly a somewhat unrealistic load. 


Just a few antenna to add, plus the steps and a bit of weathering...So, for the last time, before "Ready for Inspection"




This kit has been a challenge, an old 1980s moulding, much filling and the instructions leave much to be desired. 

I also had problems with old joints cracking. 


Now Debbi will go to the ball...then I have no idea where to put her, she is massive and no light weight. 



Edited by 224 Peter
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