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Sacramento Talon

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Not usually seen outside of the Sacramento, California area, this T-38, USAF s/n 60-0551, belongs to the flight test section of the Sacramento Air Logistics Center (SM-ALC). It's a unique markings make it one that I'd like to replicate if I ever get those Sword T-38s off the Shelf of Doom. Pics taken on the Edwards AFB transient ramp in August 1983.


60-0551 sm-alc KEDW 19830803 05cr


60-0551 sm-alc KEDW 19830803 11


60-0551 sm-alc KEDW 19830803 12

That ventral red stripe runs all the way back to the exhaust fairing.


60-0551 sm-alc KEDW 19830803 09


As the tail logo indicates, the SM-ALC flight test unit concerned itself with F-111 testing, Sacramento being the USAF Logistics Center for the F-111. The 2874th Test Squadron (later the 337th Test Squadron) also operated F-111s 67-0050 and 68-0175 in standard camouflage with similar tail marking.


Thanks for looking,


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Beautiful! That is one sharp looking T-38! Thank you for sharing. May I ask, what is the reason for your kit languishing on the shelf of doom? Have you seen the Wolfpack kit?

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On 1/20/2018 at 9:54 AM, Nachtwulf said:

May I ask, what is the reason for your kit languishing on the shelf of doom? Have you seen the Wolfpack kit?

Nachtwulf - Yes, I've seen the Wolfpack kit, but it's just not my scale.


I don't remember all the problems with the Sword kit, and admittedly all the problems are minor but I just wasn't up to playing with them 12(?) years ago. That was well before I retired from being an F-15 test manager and had an additional duty as the F-15E Flight Manual Manager. The flight manual stuff was giving me grief as we were adding new stores and stores combinations to the Mud Hen in response to feedback and new operational needs for Operation Enduring Freedom. A lot of hours and headaches back then and just never got back to the Talons. Here's what I remember:

- No exhaust shroud

- incorrect nose gear (F-5?)

- Something not right about the main wheels.

- All four that I started (way too optimistic) could not get a good fit between the resin lower fuselage and the plastic fuselage parts.


My rationale for starting four was I wanted to build the Sacramento bird, an Edwards Test Pilot School bird, and a Holloman (46TG) Roadrunners bird. The fourth was undecided between a support jet for either: Beale AFB SR-71, Palmdale logistics jet (also SR-71), or an Eglin 3246 Test Wing bird.



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Darn, 1/72. I have  a couple of the 1/48 sword kits and I thought I may be able to help you out. I know it can be quite discouraging  when the resin and plastic parts don't match up right.:wall: I hope you get to finish the T-38 in the above pics as that is one of the sweetest looking schemes I've seen on a T-38. Good luck ,and if I can be of assistance you need only ask. ......also Thanks for your service. :worthy:

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