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moaning dolphin

My surprisingly productive year!

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Good day to y'all!

Thought this year I would actually gather my 12 month output and see how I got on. Considering I had a 6 ish month mojo lapse I didn't do too badly at all, managing one a month. Here is the group shot




So in no particular order we have....

Italeri 1:72 FW 109 something or other. This was a very quick OOB build to kick start some interest and to brush off the airbrush. Absolutely no extra detail apart from rebuilding (rather dodgily) the front windscreen after the carpet monster had a good go at chomping the original, I did manage to salvage half of it though!




1:72 Airfix Tiger Moth, again meant as a quick build but then got sidetracked into rigging, also just noticed this is the windshieldless version, I need to fit them bits but at least I do know where they are (or were last week!)




Another Airfix 1:72 biplane, this time the Gladiator in Finnish markings, certainly a testing one for masking and spraying!




Here we have a 1:72 Airfix Lightning, I don't normally lower myself for 'Airforce' stuff but I do like all the 60's and 70's fast jets, and on a whim I bought this just for a fun quick build. Really enjoyed this but eagle eyed viewers will notice there are still a couple of bits still to fit so not technically finished but close enough for me.




Moving away from Airfix, here we have the Special Hobby 1:72 Firefly. I enjoyed this build, a bit taxing at times but good fun, and really happy with my stripes!




Again another special Hobby kit, their 1:72 Seahawk, Similar build to the Firefly and again really chuffed with my stripes, this one also comes with a blown off drop tank.




Back to Airfix and here we have a 1:48 FR-46. Great kit to build and ideal for my Mojo worries.




In conjunction with my FR46 I built this Seafire III This was started around 8 or 9 years ago and is a kit bash of the Airfix kit with a Hasegawa fuselage, maybe not one for the purists but one I did enjoy!




Now we have the Revell 1:144 Embrear 190. I bought the original kit in 2015 when released but the molding was quite poor. I did just suck it up and built it anyway but I had to have it on a stand in flight as the wheels were no good. So for the hell of it I wrote to Revell with photos and 3 months later they sent me an entire new kit (minus decals and instructions) where the postage cost more than the original kit! I sourced some nice V1 decals and knocked up one in Air Canada livery which I see more or less every day when I venture outside for some fresh air.




Next up are my two favourite, built for the Wessie GB unfortunately I was literally minutes away from posting when the gallery closed so they never appeared in the GB. But here we have a MK3 pre 'parrot beak' nose, with lots of protuberances added and folded blades.




Next Wessie Wonder is a Mk5 from 771 SAR again with lots of bits and bobs and folded rotors, Still don't like the original kit nose and its in the pipeline to modify that at some stage.




Aaaannnndddddd finaly I have the ME BF109 G* (?) from Tamiya in 1:48 as flown by Helmut Wick.


* Not a ME aficionado so that information may be incorrect :D




Thanks for looking and heres to a mighty prosperous 18!




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What a good year ! full of sailor's birds, what else ??

I really like the Wessie's !!

Pretty good job !



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Nice work Bob, some lovely builds there B)


Oh, and your 109 is an E-4 :) 





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