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Bristol freighter on its way home


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I've visited this aircraft a few times over the years, at Ardmore airfield, south of Auckland. She's been outside for a fair while and I'd be intrigued to know how the structure has fared up.

She has seen the new Mosquitoes been re-made and take to the air in front of her, as well as a few Spits and P-40's.

Hopefully she gets well fettled and pimped back to nicer condition in her new (old) home.

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Instone Airlines operated a Mk31 into the 1990s. I remember it taking part in the 50th Anniversary Heathrow Flypast in 1996. Sadly, it crashed a couple of years later.


British Air Ferries and Midland Air Cargo operated a few Mk32s into the early/mid 1970s.


Although Irish registered, Aer Turas' Mk31 (EI-APC) was quite a familiar sight in UK skies up until 1972, often on racehorse flights.


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