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My 2017


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Hi guys and gals


Here's my modest output for 2017:


Wasteland Warrior [War Griffon Miniatures, 1/10th scale]




Airfix 24th scale Hurricane - built OOB using supplied glue, paints and brushes





Mixed scale Revell Star Wars fighters




1/135th scale Stonhenge - built as 'staged progression' of the kit




MiniArt 1/16th scale Gladiator




Airfix 1/72nd scale Defiant [new tool]





and finally, Trumpeter's 1/144th scale Me 262




Not a lot for a year, but easily more than I've made in a year for some time!


Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.




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Thanks CF4Uncle - I must admit that I have enjoyed every one of those builds. My problem is now storage for unbuilt kits - with an output of 7 and an input of 100+ I'm getting to the stage of "if I don't build I can't buy!" and that's a crying shame with all the lovely new stuff coming along - not to mention my current nostalgia kick!! :D



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