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Hello All!

Happy holidays and all the best in the new year.

Thought I'd post some pictures of the subjects I got done this year.

The B-17 is Revells in 1/72. Seen before.

All the rest are 1/48.

The Airacobra is Eduards weekend addition.

The Hurricane and Stuka are both Airfix kits.

Enjoy the pictures and all comments are welcomed.

All the very best in the new year.

Don Junis























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Every single one of your builds is a winner.

I wish you as many great builds for 2018.




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19 hours ago, WildeSau75 said:

Nice builds - especially like the P-39.




Thank you Michael,

It was not an easy kit to be honest. The trailing edges needed a large amount of thinning and lining things up was a little tricky. I ended up using  a jig to make sure the wings , tail-plane and fuselage were square. The rear clear does not fit very well but you make the best of it and move on. You have to use quite a bit of weight to get to sit properly too. It sat for about a year before I finally decided to push through and get it done. 

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On 12/31/2017 at 1:01 PM, Michael51 said:

Great work.


That B-17F is exceptional.



Thanks Michael,

It was a long term build. I did some interior work too but you can't see it very well at all. Oh well I know it's there and it was fun. The next B-17 will be the new Airfix kit. Looking forward to that but first I have a Revell Halifax B MkI/II (another long term project) , P-40 B and the new Mustang I'd like to get done.

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