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Max Headroom

Trevor’s 2017 Offerings

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Not sure where my mojo came from this year but I’m making the most of it whilst it lasts!


In addition to the offerings below I also have an 80% finished Airfix 1/48 Hurricane that’s going in Finnish markings and of course my Tamiya Beaufighter (I’m planning those engines next.....all that plumbing and bracing!).


Anyway, here in roughly chronological order I present my builds for 2017. All Airfix except the Spitfire 16 which is AZ. This was my belated Edgar Brookes tribute.








I had built a number of the new 1/72 Airfix Spitfires but realised none in the kit markings. So here we are.









I hadn’t had a P-51 in my collection for a while. This is in the kit markings too. Unfortunately it’s boss-eyed as one of the eyes refused to stay stuck. Ah well.....







Similarly, all my Hurricanes and Spitfires needed a playmate/target, so the rather nice 109 kit fitted the bill. Everything came from the box, including the paint. However, the tail marking was from the spares box and the aerial was a replacement (Airfix, seriously sort out your sprue gates).










This is my Hurricane II paint mule completed purely to practice my worn RDM2 Special Night peeling paint effect for the upcoming Tamiya Beaufighter. Markings are generic and not meant to represent any particular aircraft.







........and finally my 99% done Typhoon. All that’s left is to paint the exhausts and canopy (I’ve been sick you know, *cough, sneeze*). I already had a grey/green Tiffie in my collection (Academy) and I thought, what if instead of scrapping them at the end of the war the French bought some and shipped them out to Indo China?


So the markings mostly come from a Frog P-47 sheet. All worked perfectly!







Roll on 2018!










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Hello Trevor,

Very nice collection, the SAAF Spitfire is real or what if ??

Seem to be an interesting paint scheme... (CC's interest is sparked now !!)

I had a laugh at the french tifffy !! What make me particularly sad...

Shhht We had a Typhoon in Safraenberg 'till the '50...

Don't know what has happened to this marvelous machine !

Whatever, Congratulations !!



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The SAAF Spit is in an AZ supplied scheme and I think looks rather attractive.


As for the Tiffie, There is a ‘bitza’ coming together and part of the fuselage came from the continent somewhere (someone was going to use it as an acid bath!)





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A splendid 2017 Trevor, I'm partial to Spitfires, but I think the Hurricane nightfighter is my favorite.

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