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Andy's tally for 2017

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A pretty average year for me build-wise. Some armour, some SF, but another year without getting any aircraft builds in, something I hope to remedy next year. Inevitably there were a few projects that have missed the cutoff point for this year, but again, they'll hopefully be sorted next year.

I'll post the builds that were finished by genre rather than completion date, mainly as I can't remember what order most of them were built in :shrug:


King Tiger

Meng 1/35

A kit that's well up to Meng's usual high standards, despite the slightly ill-fitting link and length tracks. Far less fiddly that Takom's offering, mainly due to not having to shoe-horn a redundant interior into it



KTO Rosomak

IBG 1/35

This was the first IBG kit I'd made, and I was half expecting something quite basic with poor fit and detailing. It turned out to be quite the opposite and was a great build



Tiger I and Sherman

Meng World War Toons - non scale

I love anything that's quirky and different, especially if it's fun as well. Modelling is taken way too seriously sometimes. These World War Toons kits from Meng absolutely fit that bill, and for something that's meant to be fun, they're actually very detailed and go together perfectly.





E-100 w/ Rheintochter and V1

Modelcollect 1/72

I hadn't built any 1/72 armour since I was a kid before doing these two, but I'd heard good things about the Modelcollect kits and wanted to give them a try. I was pretty amazed at the degree of detail that they've crammed into something so small, and they definitely converted me onto brail scale for armour. I won't be abandoning 1/35 just yet, but I'll certainly be doing more 1/72 in the future.




Krupp Raumer S

Takom 1/35

Not my favourite build of the year if I'm honest. Not down to the kit, which is excellent. I just wasn't happy with the finish. It's also massive and is currently sitting in a box as there's no room for it in the display cabinet.



Scammell Pioneer SV2S

IBG 1/35

From one of my least favourites to probably my top build of the year. This was one of those builds where everything went well right from the start and, hopefully, the end result reflects that. There are a few accuracy issues with the kit, but it builds great and it's a lot of fun to paint and weather.



M3 Lee Early

Takom 1/35

This one just made the cut for 2017, as it got its final touches in mid December. I finished it in one of the box schemes for a Russian lend-lease example and added a figure from Evolution to give it a bit of life.




Aoshima 1/700

This one was only finished in the last few weeks as well, despite being started back in August. It's still in need of a base which will get done next year. It comes from a '70's anime series that I've never really bothered to watch, but I like the design which was the main reason I built it.

wip here



Aanhor, Walvax Warrior

Mierce Miniatures 28mm

This chap was just finished in the last few days, and is the only bit of proper figure modelling I've managed to fit in this year. I love the sculpts from Mierce as they're packed with detail, and it's really easy to make them look good, since half the work is already done for you. You just need to paint what's there.



Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter

Finemolds 1/72

A relatively old model these days, and not quite up to the standards we get from Bandai, but a decent kit all the same. Apart from the decals that is, which disintegrated as soon as they got wet. Not a big problem though, as it proved easier to mask and spray the markings anyway.



AT-AT Walker

Bandai 1-144

We finally got an AT-AT from Bandai this year and, although it was a bit on the small side, it was a fabulous kit all the same. I finished this one in a non-movie special forces scheme just to make it a bit different.

wip here



Stellar Envoy

Bandai 1/350

This may look like the Millennium Falcon, and that's because it is, sort of. Stellar Envoy was the name of the Falcon before it was named the Falcon and it actually appeared, albeit very briefly, in the prequel trilogy. This is one of Bandai's box scale releases, which I love for their incredibly cheap prices and amazing levels of detail.

wip here




Bandai 1/144

Another of Bandai's box scale kits, this pair were finished as ships from Phoenix Squadron from Star Wars Rebels.



C1-10P Chopper

JPG Productions 1/12

JPG made the excellent Gonk and Mouse droids last year, and followed them up this year with Chopper from Rebels. The casting was a little rough around the edges, and some details needed to be rebuilt from scratch, but the end result does look like the droid in question.



BC-44 'Blue' Protocol Droid

Bandai 1/12

After last years Boris build, I wanted to add another protocol droid to the collection. Like Boris, Blue is a repaint of Bandai's C-3PO, and finished in blue mainly as I liked the colour. I'm fairly sure there'll be another one of these at some point next year.



K-2SO Security Droid

Bandai 1/12

For me, one of the best new characters from the new films, and Bandai definitely did him justice. Getting the weathered finish to match the film wasn't easy, and my rendition deviates here and there, but I think he captures the spirit of the original.

wip here




Thanks for looking, and a happy modelling 2018 to all :D










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I think your definition of 'average' must be different to mine! Awesome, absolutely awesome collection for the year. Your paintwork and finishing gets better and better. :worthy::worthy:

Kind regards,


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Aye up Andy, 


Seeing these makes me want to sell the stash and take up colouring books instead! :worry:  Outstanding, every last one. :clap2:





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A magnificent and varied collection by itself, IHMO, you dominate all fields of modeling, although you have your favorite tastes, all models are superb in their category.


Logically, my favorite are the KT and the truck (for me, but the best of all, almost ...), although the AT-AT (even being 1/144, I would say that small), and the security droid, They captivate me ...:goodjob:


Cheers Andy :santa:

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Marvellous as ever, and re-photographing/re-representing everything for the yearbook is typical of your attention to detail. I think you had a bumper crop this year, many new 'droids for the collection :)


You're probably right that the Scammell is pick of the litter but I have a massive soft spot for the Walrus person. Is he/she 28mm tall, or 28mm scale, and what did you use for the whiskers?



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Thanks everyone


33 minutes ago, Will Vale said:

You're probably right that the Scammell is pick of the litter but I have a massive soft spot for the Walrus person. Is he/she 28mm tall, or 28mm scale, and what did you use for the whiskers?


Cheers Will. As far as I know, all the Mierce models are 28mm scale, although closer to true 28mm compared to GW's stuff. This one's in their monstrous infantry line and it's about 2½ inches to the top of his head. The whiskers are paintbrush bristles. There are a few more pics here



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