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Details of Banff Strike Wing Mustang fighter cover

Long haired david

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H everyone. I am trying to build a little representation of the Banff Strike wing. I am OK with Mosquitos and Beaufighters but am struggling to find anything about the markings and camo of the Mustang III. I think that they were from 65 sqd. flying out of Peterhead but could do with some more info - especially pointers to decals in 1:72.





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i've got a mk iii in the stash to do for my on going banff strike wing project.  From 315 (polish) squadron.  I know it was 65 squadron your question was about but i'd assume all mk iii's were in the same scheme (famous last words...... 😄 ).


i have a couple of pics (gleaned from mr google).  The paint guide looks like standard fayre but i can scan it to you (next week) if that's any use.



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Thanks Troy :)


I just RFI'd my 65Sqn Mustang


The short story is that I never did find any photographs of 65 Sqn Mustang IIIs whilst definitely attached to the Banff Strike Wing. There are a couple of photographs of them still with 2TAF going as far as late Autumn 1944 (leaves gone from trees).


All the Banff Strike Wing Mustang IIIs I can find photographs of though have a light/white spinner and immediate nose and Sky fuselage band. Apart from that, they don't appear to have anything else distinctive in early 1945 besides Sky squadron codes and the usual yellow ID bands on the leading edges. For my model, I just went with the markings the rest of the group Mustangs wore.

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Finally did it. Based on an Airfix Mustang IV and Xtradecals.


I looked at the 3 Squadron RAAF web site as they have some good images of the firewall cams scheme. However, KH695 seemed to have a reverse firewall. In addition, 3 Squadron felt that all the Mustang IVs would have been painted in the US and used as is over here so instead of the RAF colours, I used the following:

XA1112 - ANA613 Olive Drab

XA1130 -  Gunship Grey FS16118 - nearest to ANA603 Sea Grey

XA1137 - Light Gull Grey FS16440 - nearest to ANA602 Light Grey lower surfaces.



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Military Aircraft Monthly for November 2009 had an 'Airfile' feature on RAF Mustang IV camouflage and markings. I have only skimmed it but it mentions US equivalent paints and shows two (mirror image?) patterns in the profile drawings. There aren't many photos of  camouflaged machines and you can't tell much from them due to size/quality issues.

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