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2017 only four...

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I had hope for more in 2017, but I only managed four finished and two more started. Again it's my 1/1 scale car projects that are mostly to blame, but still I'm quite happy with what I actually did finish. Let's see what we have then;


The first model was started in December 2016 and finished only a few days into 2017, the special Citroen 16 cylindres Hot Rod, built for the somewhat local competition/group build called "Johnny's Christmas Jam". It's based on Heller's 1/24 Citroen 15CV Traction Avant. You can see and read a little more of the thing and the event here. To my surprise the model was actually voted the winner of the event.






As I finished that Citroen the new 1/24 scale Ferguson TE-20 "Little Grey Fergie" kit from Heller arrived, and it looked so nice I actually bought a few of them. Two never made it to the stash, instead landing directly on my work bench to be built in parallel. They were lovely and a welcome break.


The first was built more or less straight from the box with a few adjustments to the front axle track width. I finished it only very lightly weathered and put it on a simple vignette(?) base, to look like a reasonably restored but used tractor that I could see myself have today just for fun, but still doing some work around the place. The model was awarded second place in its class at this year's GGG scale model show in Sweden.






The second one was built slightly different, using a white metal Rover 3,5 litre V8 and wider rear tyres, but still trying to make it look pretty much standard. I drew a lot of inspiration from a real TE-20 built up very tastefully with a 3500 V8, which I saw at a car meeting last year.






The last I finished this year, still in the early summer, was this 1/24 scale Alpine A106 Mille Miles. It's built from a resin transkit (body shell with a few added parts) produced by a guy in France who sells them on ebay. That is used with the chassis and mechanics from a Heller 1/24 Renault 4CV, just as the real A106 was built. I did some corrections to the body, added some details and better defined wheels that were 3D-printed. I finished it as the car Jean Rédélé himself drove in the 1955 Mille Miglia race with my own printed decals. This one actually won the competition car class at the GGG-show.






After that I only started things, but didn't finish anything. Must try to better that...


I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year!

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Four niceties indeed !!

I see that you are doing a Fuego ??

I have a pretty funny story about the Fuego !!

If you want to do an original but weird one...

I used to know a guy from turkish origin, each time he saw me he asked for Fuego.

In those years, there still was some Fuego from place to places (at the end of the '80s)

Once I grew bored about such a demand, I asked him why Fuego ?? There was a lot of other used cars available

The answer is.... weird

The width of the fuego allowed it to turn in thight little streets in Beyrouth (Lebanon)

They used the Fuego as a fast car with a punch !

they get the rear window out and tied a douchka on the roof...

I think that the R-15 and the R-17 could have fill the bill too:P:P

A batterered Fuego with such an heavy machine gun on the roof, a bit of Mad Max but in real life !!

Have a happy 2018... 



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Now those look nice Jorgen.:)

But I love the A106. Always good to see something different :) 

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