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Hi everyone.


I hope you've all had a great Christmas.


I've started a new model over the last few weeks; an AMT/ERTL A-Wing.  It's quite a basic kit out of the box, and i'm planning to do very little in the way of customisation.


Having said that, the two parts I like the least are the raised panel lines, and the terrible pilot.  I've never tried scribing panel lines before, but I'm giving it a go on this one.  In several places I've slipped and messed up, so had to fill I'm a few bits and pieces, but even though it's a bit clumsy in places, it still looks better than raised lines.


The pilot is taken from a set of Hasegawa pilots, not exactly screen accurate, but better scaled, and far better detail.


Work so far:












The pilot will be painted in screen accurate colours, even though he's not screen accurate himself.  Please excuse the rather questionable posing of the arms, with the pilot being larger than the one provided in the kit (this one is better for the size of the ship) I've had to make sure that arms fit into the available space.


Thanks for looking folks.

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Bit of work done yesterday and today, and a short and sweet post.


Put together the cockpit and added a light misting of grey to the interior, before cleaning up the outline in black.  Apologies for the blurred photo:




First coats of paint on the pilot.  Still have to do facemask, gloved and boots.  I think I recall one of the A-Wing pilots in ROTJ had orange lenses.  Next layers on the helmet and shins needs to to move up to a beigy / cream tone, but reasonable start:


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Great start and really great job on the pilot too. Looking forward to seeing this progress.

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It's been busy start to 2018 for me at work, so I've really not had much hobby time which has been a bit of a shame, but this morning, I found myself with some free time so I whacked out the airbrush and got back on to the A-Wing.


Not really a huge amount of progress, but I managed to pre-shade and lay down a new basecoat over the top.  Only one picture to share:




I need to mask off the red areas and then apply a final couple of light mistings of white I reckon, then I'll move on to weathering.


The pilot still needs finishing off, and I will probably add some finishing touches to the cockpit before adding him and the canopy, but it's starting to come together.


cheers for looking folks!



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Good morning peeps!


Managed to get an hour in to work on the A-Wing this morning.


I'm struggling for time at the moment so not only do I have to contend with my general slow progress, and having to battle with time!


Todays progress is a little more haphazard than I'd like (my masking wasn't too great), but after all it's Star Wars so I'll just cover any screw ups with weathering and damage haha


Today was all about getting a basecoat down on the red markings on the fuselage.  I used Khorne Red (citadel acrylic), and laid the colour down using an airbrush, with the rest of the model liberally covered in masking tape.  There is quite a bit of clean up to do, and there were some parts I just couldn't get to.  Maybe next time with a model with as many complex shapes I might paint in sub assemblies to make life easier.  Oh well, the hairy brush will have to do more work tomorrow to finish off the parts I missed and any overspray.


My computer is broken, so I'm stuck only being able to photograph using my iPad too - I'm going to treat myself to a new laptop when I can be bothered to research what kind of spec is recommended these days, and try and get some better photos done.  Photos are tactically taken so as to hide the most messy / worst overspray!







Comments, criticisms and suggestions are more than welcome.


I'll set aside some time to touch up and clean up tomorrow, as I know I won't get to even look at a paintbrush again for a fortnight as I'm away next weekend.


Have a good weekend everyone and thanks for looking!

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2 hours ago, droidworkshop said:

 Photos are tactically taken so as to hide the most messy / worst overspray

Lol don't we all do this.....


Not sure if its the photo but the red paint look very ruff like its got lots of fluff underneath it? Really like the colours.

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Haha, yeah, it's not the photo!  The surface is a bit rough in places, mostly this is left over from my less than thorough sanding after scribing panel lines.  I've not tried to do this before, so I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone a little.  I returned to the hobby a few months ago, and let's just say I can be a little impatient to "get going" with a kit now, and have tendency to overlook certain prep steps haha


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Another quick update of today's hairy brush work.  More layers needed for better coverage, and more cleanup needed, but it's starting to come together:







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Wow, so I haven't updated this since January?  So much for trying to use this for hobby motivation hahaha


I lost a lot of motivation on this project due to both work, and my monumental shafting up of the weathering after the last photo.  I had to mask and respray a few areas to get things back to where they were, which really put me off until a week or so ago.


Anyway, I had a week off this week, so put the finishing touches to the A-Wing yesterday by varnishing and applying decals.  It's been a long time since I've last used decals, but considering the kit is quite old, I was surprised the decals had held up so well.  They actually went on quite easily, even considering the finish of the model is a bit rough in texture.  I guess that's what the gloss varnish brings to the party.


I also didn't like the transparent stand the mode was on, so I sprayed that black too, and I think it looks far better.


Unfortunately I didn't take many more WIP shots for this one, but I have put together a composite of final photographs:



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