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El Alamein Sherman

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Hi All,


I'm going start off with the Dragon kit of an early-war Sherman.  If things progress nicely then I'll have a go at a mid-war Sherman and then a late-war Sherman - so many variations so little time.












It's a nice looking kit, first build of 2018.





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Should be good, and very ambitious at a try of three Shermans - I'm already worried to be able to have just the one done myself in the given time frame.




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Good choice, always had a soft spot for desert subjects.

Seems as if at least 3 of the gun tanks I have are being modelled already, I may have to break out the Academy 'Achilles', plus extras, I got on a well known auction site, if allowed ?



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Happy modelling!

I see you have clear plastic for the headlights etc. I have the Tamiya Easy 8 in 1/35th. It's been in my stash waiting for a couple of months now but I have no idea if it comes with a clear sprue as I haven't even opened the box.:lol:





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Hi All,


I've got most of the hull and turret together now.






The .50 Cal. is from an Academy Stuart kit - this photo indicates it should have one.



The next job will be to put on the PE.  The side-skirts will need careful bending - hmmm!



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Aye up Dave.


Lovely job. Got this one in the stash and it was a contender for the GB.Good luck with the etch :yes:





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Hi All,


I haven't forgotten this one - just doing other things.


The sand skirts are mostly on, but the front section will need to fitted when I've got the tracks and wheels on.





...and with black primer.





I should be able crack on with the paint work now.



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Hi All,


I've made a start on the painting - a base coat of Tamiya XF57 - and put on the wheels and tracks.



The tracks are bit loose, so I'll try gluing them to the return rollers.






So next I'll glue the top and bottom halves of the hull together and add the front sections of the sand shields and then it should be ready for camouflaging.



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Hi All


I've made very slow progress on this mainly due my procrastination and the PE, which was a pain in posterior to put on, not helped by my ham-fistedness when I managed break pieces off several times.


There's a photo of this tank and it appears to have the camo hand painted - but it's a black and white photo, so I can't tell what colour it should be.






So I'm practically out time, I need to clean-up the paintwork, put on the tools and weather it.  Hopefully it'll all go well tomorrow.



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