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Topdrawings 45 - Henschel Hs 126 - Kagero via Casemate UK


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Topdrawings 45 - Henschel Hs 126

ISBN : 9788365437600

Kagero via Casemate UK




The HS 126 was a two seat reconnaissance / observation aircraft / Army cooperation aircraft developed by Henschel from their Hs 122. The pilot had an enclosed cockpit where as the gunner/observer had an open one. The aircraft entered service in 1937/38 and was used initially by the Condor Legion in Spain. However by the time WWII arrived it was found to be outclassed even though a the time it was the backbone of the Luftwaffe's reconnaissance squadrons.  Even though the aircraft served in Europe, Africa and the Eastern front it was realised by 1941 that its front line service was over and it was relegated to training and hack roles.  Some surviving aircraft were later pressed into service like many others at the tail end of the war.




This book is not a reference book on the 126 per-say, but a collection of plans and colour profiles designed to help the modeller all the plans are in 1.72 & 1.48. In the centre of the book are 3 double sided A2 Plans in 1.32. As an extra there is one set of 1:48 & 1/72 masks. All text is in English & Polish.





If you're interested in these aircraft and intend to model a few of an individual aircraft then its worth investing in one of these publications.





Review sample courtesy of




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