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Sci Fi kit 2018 update from Cult TV Man

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4 hours ago, Pete in Lincs said:

Thanks, Paul.

I like the look of that AT-M6 walker.

And maybe Rommels rod too always wanted that one.

My older brother built Rommels Rod in the 1970's and I've still got some of the bits in my spares box including some parts of the Skeleton.


Paul Harrison

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On 12/23/2017 at 10:14 AM, Kuro Nezumi said:

No Rebel B-Wing or Resistance A-Wing in 1/72 yet? Oh, well. I wonder if the Resistance set has the bomber. I hope the Ski Speeder from 'The Last Jedi' gets a kit, too.

Resistance Set has a 1:144 T-70 Blue Squadron, a 1:144 Poe's Boosted T-70 and a 1:350 Falcon

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Wonder what the "surprise BIG kit" from Round2 will be. Star Trek? Space 1999?

Please,Please,Please let it be the"Sulaco"

You can always hope! :)

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Round 2 did have the license to produce kits from the Alien franchise at one time. It was announced with great fanfare- a 1:1000 Sulaco illustration was shown at one convention.

They did not really do much with it and IIRC it has lapsed now. The only kit R2 produced was a super expensive resin kit of Kane peering into the Alien Egg.

I would love to see some vehicle models from the Alien realm, but unless R2 has renewed the license and gets really focused I doubt I will see on eon my shelf...

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