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The PIR sensors movement in its vicinity. When it does it will turn the console lighting on. The only times it turns off is when the PIR no longer sensors movement for 10 seconds, or when someone starts working the console.







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Thank you @Gorby and @DAG058 for your :yes:


Now that the wiring diorama is basically completed, I can forget about that part of the project.

At this stage I started thinking about the landscape. That is, the river bank areas.

Here is the North side. My first objective was the staircase, and build from there.



7 years between these two photographs.




Created footpath under the bridge and up the hill.


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54 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Might plastic rod not be better for making the hand-rails?  You could use a bit of heat to form it into the shapes you need.


Just a thought.

Yes, it is a good thought.

At the time of starting to make railings, for the bridge, I was very conscious of spending money. Not so much now. Plastic rods 1/16 inch is fairly cheap. However, at this stage of the project, as in above, I even considered using fencing wire _ (bend and solder). Yet my aesthetic side came to the fore and opted to stay consistent with what I have been using on the bridge.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Thank you @GrahamS, @Jb65rams, @JOHN W, and @Gorby for your :yes:


Late last year the council put in a new pathway along Bridge Street. Even though the console is for a bridge pre 1995, I decided to add the 2017 addition to the landscape. A sort of bridge across the times project.






Measured this pathway, made notes, and took many photographs. Then proceeded to make a model of it.







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On 2/8/2018 at 10:42 AM, Derek A said:

It's looking fantastic so far!  Still enthralled, so keep going!

You too mate. What's your current project Derek? I love your builds. Looking forward to follow another one of yours.

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There is a house which most of it fits withing the display area. So I took some photos and figured out its dimensions.




Used Masonite to build the house.




Used clear Perspex for windows.



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What, no wallpaper or furniture? Your slacking! :wink:

Excellent stuff.

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Thank you @Mancunian airman, @Gorby, and @MarkSH for your recent :yes:


That roof was a bit challanging, let alone a building having to be cut at a strange diagonal.



Painted some figurines. Added one to the house. She is watching her diorama world slowly coming together.



Built a five light sequencer, one LED for each room. Every 20 seconds a lit room is exchanged for another.


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Thanks @Derek A, @Jb65rams, @Gorby, and @Corsairfoxfouruncle for your responses. They are much appreciated.


Painted Bridge Street.



Had a go at building a fence for the house.





I have a question: 

The land filled bits will be from foam board. What materials could I use to seal the foam so I can paint it, glue grass, and insert trees?

I have expereimented with water-based wood putty. It seems a bit fragile. 

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On 2/12/2018 at 5:47 PM, spoondog13 said:

I seal foam with watered down white glue, sometimes use plaster & then seal with white glue.Loving watching the build, I use to drive over that bridge often.



Hello Rodney.

I will try the watered down glue 50-50 PVA on the water-based wood putty. That ought to make it less fragile. I'll let you know later.

Did you used to live around here, or pass by often in your travels?

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Thank you @stevehnz, @GrahamS, @Gorby, @spoondog13, and @JOHN Wfor your responses.


At this stage certain parts had already arrived awaiting my attention. Also an email came through showing me another photo containing the some-what mysterious traffic control gates. To find them on an image has been difficult. I believe the gates were taken out at the same time as the console (1995). Anyway, I eventually found out what they looked like.


Over the metal framework is chain mesh.


So it was time make the swing gates. I used bits of metal, washers, fence wire, brass tubing, and solder.



Used the brass collets in electrical terminal strips for the gate axles, and their linkages to servo motors.



Attached the gates to the bridge road. The gate axles have been strategically placed so that, from the console, they cannot be seen.


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20 minutes ago, John_W said:

I remember my dad using strips of Hessian soaked in PVA and criss crossed on one of his projects.

Thanks John. That reminds me or somene using bangage gauze... you can buy rolls of the stuff.

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I was stationed in Singleton and used to drive that way passed it but I  crossed it on my many trips between Sydney and Townsville via that road.I can remember waiting for it to close and finding it quite narrow.

I am off to google maps to refresh my memory!

I'm to busy with work at present to model so at least I can watch your mastery!

cheers Rod


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