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RichEllis 2017 year book

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Here is my year in builds, not a bad year, 4 completed. Ill do them in order of completing.

First off the bench was an 1/24 Italeri DAF 105 XF in the Swiss  company Schoni livery. Almost an OOB build, It has some KFS rubber low liner tyres as this is a max-cube truck, resin air-con pod on the roof and some adjustments to lower the ride height

34369949693_ed099a1d0a_c.jpgDSC_0010 by richellis1978, on Flickr

34792605820_9e6383c577_c.jpgDSC_0012 by richellis1978, on Flickr


Second is a scale drop, 1/35 trumpeter FAUN german tank transporter, I saw the real truck a few years ago working for ALE in Stafford. The decals are from a german company on EBay, mainly OOB exept for the ballast box. used some Eduard etch on this also.

35672904016_14b41fbd2e_c.jpgDSC_0001 by richellis1978, on Flickr

35325234440_75b8555a1f_c.jpgDSC_0008 by richellis1978, on Flickr


Third is a build thats been going for a few years, completed this year its an AEC Mammoth MkV, the real truck was used on the M25 construction and had the cab from an RAF Blue Steel missile carrier grafted on when the original fell apart. These trucks where worked very hard untill they fell to bits, when they where welded back together and put bact to work! 1/24 scale using a resin cab, everything else is scratchbuilt. Lots of build photos here

37643358070_bcf4804827_c.jpgimage1 (1) by richellis1978, on Flickr

37180699973_a6d0e0b98a_c.jpgimage2 by richellis1978, on Flickr

37643357690_a96e92d4d5_c.jpgimage1 by richellis1978, on Flickr


last off the bench is a Revell 1/24 Iveco stralis Hi-way in the Italian livery of Gruber. This is another lowliner build using KFS rubber tyres, the chassis has been drilled out to copy the 1:1 with a lot of etch parts from CTM inside and out. Fully plumbed chassis. I went all out to detail this and its weathered to show a looked after but worked truck

27355349349_0be2279c56_c.jpgDSC_0010 by richellis1978, on Flickr

39133087861_e065e02bf6_c.jpgDSC_0008 by richellis1978, on Flickr

38250950075_b775ee4b6c.jpgDSC_0004 by richellis1978, on Flickr

27355351799_19539ec4cf.jpgDSC_0005 by richellis1978, on Flickr


Lastly one of my euro-liners together 

27355348209_0abd6391e9_c.jpgDSC_0014 by richellis1978, on Flickr


More pics of my builds for this year are on my Flickr here

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