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Army_Air_Force's 2017 Year of "Frame & Fortune"

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Until 2017, most of my building in recent years has been scratch building on model railways for customers. There have been a few plastic kits of buildings, but mostly scratch work in wood, styrene and acrylic; plus a bit of helping my daughter learn to build.

This year, I've done some aircraft for myself, but quite a few models for friends, building aircraft they like, or aircraft that they fly or own. The idea to frame the models in a 3D picture frome came about from the "Snoopy verses the Red Baron" model my daughter and I built this year. It was a way to hang the model out of the way of damage, and to keep the dust off. It made a nice presentation and I thought it could work for other models.


I've divided the builds up into themes to present them here. Most were built out of the box, with minimal changes, to keep the turnaround time reasonable, and because a lot of extra detailing wouldn't be seen once framed. The WW1 and WW2 modles are the first batch.



I found some nice embroidered RFC wings on Ebay for £2.00 each which made a nice addition to the SE5a and Camel models. I drew the background map in the photo editing program GIMP and used some airshow and re-enacting photos to finish off the presentation. Because the Eindeckers rigging would be clearly on show, I added the rigging wires with some 0.1mm stainless steel wire.


Revell Fokker E.III



Revell SE5a ( 1964 manufactured kit )



Revell Fokker D.VII



Revell Sopwith F-1 Camel





Airfix Series 2 Mosquito

This 1970's Airfix Series 2 Mosquito needed quite a bit of filling, but the low parts count helped to speed up the build. I scratch built some cockpit interior details to fill out the original empty space.






Auster Mk.V TW439

AZ Models used to make a Mk.V Auster, but it appeared they were long out of production when I started looking. I ended up buying the Mk.III version, and using a silicone mould taken from a Piper Pawnee for the Mk.V's cowl. Other changes were home made decals, the addition of a wing mounted generator and belly tank, as per the full size example below.




The Bf109, Spitfires, Hurricanes and P-51 were all built straight from the box, other than adding mounting hardware in the wings and fuselage.

Airfix Messerschmitt Bf109E-4



2 off Airfix Spitfire Mk.II's



2 off Airfix Hurricane Mk.I's



Revell P-51D



Section 2 to follow shortly.....

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Revell PT-17 Kaydet

Two Revell PT-17 Kaydets were built, based on the colour scheme of the aircraft below, but not a direct copy, so fuselage numbers remained as per kit. I added rigging to the first model built, just to see how easy it would be using the stainless steel wire. I'd not done any models with rigging since the 1980's. Both models were framed, but this is the first before it went into the frame.


Second version.



de Havilland dH-82 Tiger Moth

Three Airfix de Havilland dH-82 Tiger Moths were built, all with different schemes. They were out of box builds other than scheme changes.






Miles Magister

The three RS Models Miles Magisters were all based on G-AKAT, the aircraft based with the Real Aeroplane Company at Breighton Aerodrome.  They were all built out of the box, but with home made decals.






Fullsize example of T9738 G-AKAT



Bucker Jungmann

Four RS Models Bucker Jungmanns were made, also based on Breighton based aircraft. There was one model of G-TAFF, donated as a charity auction prize, and three models of G-BJAL. The first two had the registration painted across the top wing, but the owner then recovered the wings on the fullsized example, and wanted another model with the plain wings. All four models had custom decals printed on ink-jet decal paper.



The fullsize G-TAFF



G-BJAL, versions 1, 2 and 3. Model 3 had a mahogany effect frame rather than beech of the previous two.






T-6 Texan "Fools Rush In"

Revell T-6 Texan "Fools Rush In" was an out of the box build but for home made decals.


Red Arrows Hawk

Revell Red Arrows Hawk. A straight forwards out of the box build.


Part three to follow.....

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Each one is beautifully displayed - great idea.

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This was an Amodel Yak-18a based on the Real Aeroplane Company G-CEIB. It was built pretty much out of the box but with bought red star decals and fuselage numbers from the scrap box.


Real Aeroplane Company Yak-18a G-CEIB



The Airfix "Under the Red Star" Limited Edition Hurricane, P-40 and Spitfire were out of the box builds.









Piper Pawnee

The Aeropoxy Piper Pawnee was copied from a real duster TC-ZRR. The fullsize aircraft had no markings except for the registration. These were printed on ink-jet decal paper.





de Havilland dH-88 Comet

Airfix de Havilland dH-88 Comet. Out of the box with lots of filler to make everthing fit!





That's the lot! A busy year.


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They really are excellently presented :) 

And such a brilliant idea.

Love the models, Cropduster is my favorite 

Well done man :clap2:

Edited by MAD STEVE

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Very nice selection & beautifully displayed ...

seems it was a good year for your modelling!

Greetings from Vienna


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I forgot my Monogram B-26 Marauder hangar queen, which had the last couple of details added in the first days of 2017. It was my first successful painting of 1/48th figures, where they actually looked like people rather than the shop mannequins, having paid particular attention to multiple high and low lights.

















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On 12/15/2017 at 8:45 PM, Gerrardandrews said:

......comet DH 88, is my favourite 😊

I must say the Comet is a favourite of mine too. It was hard to let that one go.

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Nice collection, you've had a nice productive year.

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A very enjoyable year of builds too. A couple of nights ago, another friend asked about a framed Seaking and framing some model steam locomotives, so looks like I've got the start of 2018 covered too!

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An incredibly busy scale modelling year and a really great idea with the box framing!

Superb Marauder dio!



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Hello AAF

I really like the Marauder's Diorama, you really did brilliant !!:clap:




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