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Pacific Pair - 1/72 Corsairs

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These Corsairs are part of an ongoing build regarding joint British Pacific Fleet (BPF) and USN operations in the last few months of World War II, beginning with Operation Iceberg and ending with carrier raids on the Japanese mainland itself.


Both are from the 1/72 Tamiya kit.



The BPF Corsair IV (Goodyear FG-1A) had to have the wingtips clipped and I added tiny fuselage vents - kudos to your eyesight if you can pick them out.





Here's my traditional attempt at matching one of the reference pics.



The 'X' on the tail denotes that this Corsair was based on (edit - thanks @Grey Beema!) Formidable, but I think the reference pic was taken on the USS Intrepid (the US carrier with the most British sounding name).



The paint is Colourcoats Glossy Sea blue (WWII version), post-shaded with a little light grey added to the airbrush cup.






The USN half of the pair is an F4U-1D with the 'diamond butterfly wings' Geometric markings belonging to the USS Essex.



The over spray on the markings was on purpose, believe it or not, and was quite a challenge to reproduce.

I couldn't find a reference pic for '185' so I based the markings and weathering on these two pics of Essex Corsairs.





Paint is Colourcoats again, but post-shaded with Lifecolor acrylics.







Here they are alongside the first completion of the project, a 1/72 Academy Helldiver.



The Helldiver RFI can be found here.


Off to start on the next triple, two BPF Hellcats and a Seafire.

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Yes Steve the Corsair is big! As I found when I finally got up close and personal to one. Tap the fuselage and there's a thunk rather than a tink. 

Can't get enough Corsairs my favourite WW2 fighter.

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Fantastic builds Cookie


Really superb all of them


Can't pick a favourite.


Colour schemes and weathering looks spot on to me.


Fuselage vents are close to the centre of the white dot on the main fuselage marking.....very nicely done too! :)




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Very nice builds, mate. I've just been tempted to buy a F4U-4 (1/72) after reading Dan Hagedorn's latest book on the 100 hour war. I went for a Revell in hope that it'll be okay.



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Really like these two Cookie, particularly the weathered paintwork. And the overspray on the diamonds is a really nice toich. I'll use the WIP as a reference when I get round to doing one. Which, thanks to this duobuild, wiil be sooner than I might have thought...



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Very nice work indeed. Suitably scruffy for the Pacific War. I love Corsairs - why don't I have on in my collection? I even made wifey watch re-runs of Baa Baa Black Sheep.    :)




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