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I kinda have lost my mojo for 1/20 plastic F1 Kits for the time being and have always wanted to build a Big Huge wooden ship like HMS Victory, HMS Endeavour, Cutty Sark etc, but it would be insane to start at that level so I reckon I'll give the artesania Latina HMS Endevour longboat a try first.


obligatory box shot



contents... Hmm somethings missing?


Yep definitely missing something, looks like there is no planking or masts, DOH!


so after some back and forth emailing i got this package sent to me with the replacement parts.



Keen to start working on the kit, with the 1st ashes test on the telly, the keel, frames and some of the decking assembled.




A week later the hull needs to be prepped before the planking goes on

the instructions aren't 100% clear but I have to round off sections of the bow and stern

the progress is slow, probably because I am not using a rough enough file.:doh:



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Such a shame the kit was incomplete - nothing worse than looking forward to your purchase and finding it falling short of your expectations, and it can in the worst case scenario completely trash your mojo for a project - or at least diminish some of the steam you'd generated.

However, in this case, you seem to have handled the setback rather well and made good progress already, I'm sure you're going to make an excellent job of this project. I too had a change of heart with my builds recently and I am also in the early stages of building the Amati Whaleboat - perhaps a little further along having just finished the planking on mine ... it is a whole different ballgame, but good fun.

I'm enjoying this new to me medium, some of my old skills (such as they are) are applicable and serving me well, others I'm having to learn and adapt as I go along.


I wish you all strength and goodwill with your build, and shall happily settle down to watch your progress.


All the best for now then.

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Been seriously considering having a go at a wooden model ship, in particular Mary Rose, I have a soft spot for her as I got to do some Archaeological Illustration for the MR Trust during a work placement whilst at Portsmouth college in 1983....however the price is well outside my price bracket, but I will watch all other people's work on similar kits to see how it's done.

Great start. This kit looks like an ideal starting point to develop some of the different skills required to complete a wooden model.

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