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HMS Hood Parts 6 and 7


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HMS Hood Parts 6 and 7

1:200 Eduard



Continuing their releases of etched sets for the huge 1:200 HMS Hood from Trumpeter, Eduard have released the last two sets.  The first, (No.6) covers the ships superstructure, the second, and final one for review, (No.7), for the main top.


Part 6 (53-194) – Superstructure. This two sheet set contains numerous parts to upgrade the kits superstructure, including the many water tight doors, each made up from two parts, deck hatches, vertical ladders, vents, and skylights. There are also new parts for platform supports, splinter shields, yards and wind deflectors. Mainy of the deck houses are almost completely replaced, I almost as the roof sections need to be cut away and used with the new PE sidewalls. The biggest problem with the set is that it’s been designed to be used on the kit funnels, the forward one of which has been shown to be the wrong size. So, if you’re a detail nut, and if you’re using these sets that’s a given, then you will need to get hold of the replacement funnel set from the likes of www.scalemodelwarships.com.  The rear funnel is fine and you can use the parts from this set which includes new internals to the funnel top.  Before using the PE, read the instructions carefully as there are quite a few areas of kit detail that needs to be removed before the PE can be added.








Part 7 (53-197) – Main Top. Although this two sheet set is for the main top, it also includes many other details for the forward section of the superstructure, including the lower armoured bridge, such as watertight doors, sections of the bridge not included in the kit, splinter shields, railings, wind deflectors, brackets, support braces, and end bulkheads. The main top itself is provided with new window frames, star platform, star support braces, vertical ladders, doors, railings, access walkway and railing, a whole new lookout section, upper mast platform and supports.  Once again, read the instructions carefully to ensure you are removing the correct sections of the kit before adding the PE parts.









Although the prices of these sets seem to inexorably rise, they are perfect for super detailing this mighty kit. At least the modeller has the option of how much detail you wish to add, rather than buying one large set. These two sets are more than that mentioned on the pack labels and really do look the business.



Review sample courtesy of


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