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Film, Fictional and Speculative GB Chat now has a one week extension.

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Following discussion in the What If IV thread, and inspired by Pacific at War's success in getting several popular proposals that didn't quite reach critical mass together under a broad common theme, here is the group build for all things either film and television, fictional or speculative...or both. The plan is to run it as one group build, with entries going in any one of three subcategories:


What If IV: The only rule is the subject can't have existed (in completed form) in reality. The departure from reality can be as subtle as fictional markings on an otherwise Rivet-Counter Approved (TM) Spitfire, P-51 or Bf.109, or it can be a completely fanciful kitbash. Real projects or proposals that didn't reach the hardware phase (including incomplete prototypes), fictional subjects from media other than film and television (novels, comics, video games, etc.) and original speculative or creative concepts are all included.


Sci-Fi & Fantasy III: Any subject goes here if it fits the science fiction or fantasy genres. Obsessively screen-accurate, casual OOTB build, non-canon original paint scheme, kitbash or completely original design independent of any published source material...it doesn't matter, as long as it fits in the science fiction or fantasy genre.


Movie and TV II (aka Big Screen, Little Screen): Anything from TV and movies goes here...animated or live action, and it doesn't have to be a fictional work. I'm going to tentatively suggest that news coverage wouldn't usually count, but real equipment featured on series such as Top Gear, Mighty Ships, etc. is fair game. The one restriction here is that it has to be at least reasonably close to screen-accurate for the source material: A Top Gun F-14 or A-4 wouldn't necessarily have to match the exact serial numbers, but it would have to be the right version with the appropriate camouflage scheme and unit markings, for example.


And most importantly...let's have fun! Who's interested?


1) Sabre_days (Host) MIA

2) Corsairfoxfouruncle (Co-host) Onboard

3) whitestar12chris (Co-host) Onboard

4) SleeperService Onboard
5) John D. C. Masters Onboard
6) Kallisti Onboard
7) Mancunian airman Onboard
😎 Jb65rams Onboard
9) Max Headroom Onboard

10) Col. Onboard
11) Arniec Onboard
12) nimrod54 Onboard

13) trickyrich Onboard

14) CliffB Onboard

15) Robert Stuart Onboard

16) MarkSH Onboard
17) Hockeyboy76 Onboard
18) dreadeddrew Onboard

19) wimbledon99 Onboard

20) Pin Onboard

21) Ale85 Onboard

22) Erwin Onboard

23) Valkyrie Onboard

24) Dazzio Onboard

25) Stevej60 Onboard

26) theplasticsurgeon Onboard

27) Greg Law Onboard

28) Carts Onboard

29) moviedrone Onboard

30) HoolioPaulio Onboard

31) Shin Onboard

32) rumblestripe Onboard

33) Angus Tura Onboard

34) pabbi Onboard

35) Worms Onboard

36) Brad Onboard

37) Peterairfix Onboard

38) Specky Onboard

39) Dermo245 Onboard

40) PhantomBigStu Onboard

41) ColinW Onboard

42) Zebra Onboard

43) Troy Smith Onboard

44) Doccur Onboard

45) 825 Onboard

46) Scargsy Onboard

47) Beazer Onboard

48) FG2Si Onboard

49) Ernie Onboard

50) Enzo Matrix Onboard

51) Lanmi Onboard

52) AaronKSJ Onboard

53) Adam Poultney Onboard


yet to join

23) BIG X, SimonT, vppelt68, stevehnz, Skids, Romeo Alpha Yankee, jrlx, adamcoffman, Thud4444, JackG, Knight_Flyer, Bonhoff, Panther II, Meteors, GliderGuider, Mig Eater, Moggy, Tony Oliver, philp, Andre B, helios16v, Tim R-T-C & Prenton

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I'm in of course - its  a shame we have to resort to these tactics to get a GB though the voting process but whatever it takes, just make sure the NAME of the GB makes sense when it gets put onto the poll at the end of the year so people can immediately see what the topic is rather than guess and not vote for it.

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it's a looooooooooooooooooooong way off - so I  will need reminding in due course - but I voted for Big Screen / Little Screen AND I have a crazy idea for a spitfire - so this sounds like fun to me - count me in - but don't forget to wake me up when it comes to voting time :sleeping:

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Welcome aboard, everyone! Thanks for your interest.


John - just wanted to check you wish to join? I've put you on the list, but please let me know if that was premature on my part.


I will remind those who've requested it when the poll goes up!

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21 hours ago, SleeperService said:

I said I'd be in and I will. If my weight has gone down it'll be the 2001 Discovery. If not then Either the Space Clipper or a Paper Panzer of some nationality.


21 hours ago, John D.C. Masters said:

Those all sound fun!

If directed at my choices I hope so too! It's nice not to have to worry too much about rivet counters claiming that rivets were replaced by bolts on the Mk.IIa :D

Now need to find out what scale the Clipper kit actually is.

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Welcome aboard, everyone! Thanks for your interest.

19 hours ago, stevehnz said:

I've some old kits I'd like to rehash as Tintin or Biggles subjects, I thnk they'd fit in here somewhere?



Absolutely! Anything fictional is fair game, with What If being the fallback category if it doesn't fit Sci-Fi or Movie and TV. Great idea.


16 hours ago, Arniec said:

I think you already have got 13 participants.;)


16 now. We're already past the halfway point.

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  • vppelt68 changed the title to +++Film, Fictional and Speculative GB: at 30!

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