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Swiss Centurion Bunker Builder

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While looking for something else I came across this oddity.  A Swiss Centurion specially converted to carry turrets to static bunker sites and then lift them into place.  Heuschrecke 2.0!  I can only presume that the suspension was lowered so that it could pass through tunnels.


Switzerland and Austria had hundreds of tank turret bunkers in service until the 90's.  Finland had modified T-55 turrets installed for coastal defence.


The link here shows it "in action".  http://www.fwk.ch/fotos/varia/centurion-bunkerbau/




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Interesting, I did know we had Centurion turret bunkers, I never saw one being built. And I like Image nr. 40 in your link, it's the most represetative one

in the gallery!



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I know that Austria has decommissioned theirs.  They had nearly 400 ex-Canadian Centurion turret bunkers plus many others.  Are any Swiss ones still operational now?


I admire the ingenuity here with this special-purpose conversion.  Looking at the photo again, the suspension must be height-adjustable because the track is far too slack to use as it sits now.

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