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Caudron C.600 Aiglon Hungary & Germany - 1:72 SBS Model

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Caudron C.600 Aiglon Hungary & Germany

1:72 SBS Model



The C.600 was designed by Marcel Riffard in the early 1930s when he took over the design department at Coudron following their merger with Renault. The aircraft was a low wing cantilever monoplane with tandem cockpits very similar to the Miles Magister.  The type proved popular with civilian pilots and 178 of the standard version with a Renault 4Pgi Bengali Junior engine were built.  With the outbreak of WWII many aircraft were requisistioned by the French Govt. Some of these would later find their way into Germany use. 6 were operated by the Royal Hungarian Air Force. 


The Kit

The kit from SBS is a full resin kit, with resin clear parts, photo-etch and decals.  The decals in this kit are for Hungarian and German service, other boxing are available with Civilian and Spanish Civil War decals.  Construction starts in the cockpit shockingly enough. The instrument panels made up from resin, film and PE parts are put into the right fuselage. The seats and control columns, and other controls are added to the cockpit, PE seatbelts are provided for the seats. 




Once all the cockpit parts are in the fuselage can be closed up and the choice of nose depending on variant is added. The single part main wings and tailplanes are added, again the rugger and vertical fin depend on the type bring modelled. The wheels, spats and exhausts are added. Again the exhaust is dependant on type.






Two schemes are provided. One of the machines operated by the Royal Hungarian Air Force, and a captured German machine. Decals are in house by SBS and look in register, colour dense and should pose not problems. 




This is a fairly simple little kit, much like the real aircraft. If should pose no problems to a competent modeller and maybe a good starter into resin models. Highly recomended.





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