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1/72 Blue Angels Panther F9F-5 - Matchbox (Revell)

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Hi Guys!

This is my Matchbox (Revell)  Blue Angels Panther F9F-5,  the latest member of my aerobatic teams collection. Primed and painted with Vallejo acrylics.

Best regards,


















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Very nice build of the old MB kit! Looks like you got the Blue Angels blue right, too! Sure wish somebody would give us a  new-tool state of the art F9F-4/5! Maybe Sword or even Airfix...wish Hobby Boss had engineered their excellent F9F-2 to do allow both versions...new fuselage halves and an insert in the wings to cater to the intakes/wing fences and Bob's your uncle, as you UK model builders like to say! The ole gal cleaned up pretty good!


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Truly a beautiful build! And you even got rid of the trenches.




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