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Italeri Short Sunderland Mk. III advices


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7 hours ago, ND417 said:

Thanks Alan - outstanding stuff. 


Think im gonna hunt out the Sunderland versions - they are shorter than the H2S ones. 


One question: SH parts?




Hi Neil


Re SH: What Ed said:lol:


Just as an FYI Engines and Things (I remembered to look in War Paint Short Sunderland Book at some

unearthly hour this morning (it's 0722hours here in NZ), they made mention of it) Part 72148


Roll Models has it listed (availability?) - might be a cheaper option that a whole new kit - Caveat -I've not

seen them so can't vouch for accuracy


Roll Models - Sunderland Radome


44 minutes ago, dogsbody said:

This is the radome from a 1980's vintage Airfix Lancaster sitting on the Airfix Sunderland wing. It fits size-wise but would require sanding/filler to sit on the wing surface properly. 

Chris.  that Lancaster Pod looks pretty good, has a" right shape" to it.

I'm thinking Airfix may not not have spares to buy though:)





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Thanks guys. Your wealth of information has been a real help. 


I have to sheepishly clarify that my original post stating that I was working on a conversion of another kit didn’t mean another Sunderland. Sorry, should’ve been clearer from the off. 😳


I’m converting a Beriev Be-6 into a bit of a ‘what if’ and have two of the Airfix H2S pods which are too long. I was asking to see if the Sunderland ones were different and therefore worth hunting down/paying out for in case I ended up with the same thing I already had. 


Alan - I came across the Engines and Things ones previously but felt the p&p was prohibitive ($25) especially considering there’s no photos and I could’ve ended up with the same thing as I’ve already got. 🤨


I’ll put the Italeri Mk.III on my Christmas list and use the spare ones from that boxing. At least I’ll get a free Sunderland kit with them! 😬


Thanks for all the replies guys and sorry for the misunderstanding. 


Google ‘Supermarine Stalwart’ to see what I’m attempting.









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