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My builds this year

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Hello all,


Here is this years output, not too bad really! All 1/48 except for the diorama, which is 1/35.


First up was Tamiya's  wonderful  F-14A, marked as BuNo 159610 of VF-32 'Swordsmen' in 1989:




This was one of a pair of F-14s that downed 2 Libyan Mig-23s. The Tamiya kit is just superb, the best fitting 1/48 kit out there at the minute. Fightertown decals and some resin bits used.


Hasegawa F-16D Block 52+, 343 Mira, Hellenic Air Force:




Quite a lot of aftermarket used on this one -seats, exhaust, FOD cover, CFTs and RBF tags. The IRIS-T are from a Revell Eurofighter and the HARMs are from a Tamiya F-16.


Kinetic F-16F, UAE Air Force, Inherent Resolve, 2015:




OOB except for the seats and FOD cover.


SAS & LRDG 'Desert Rendevous, Libya, 1942':




Both old Tamiya kits with a lot of extra kit and some Masterbox figures thrown in.


Hasegawa F/A-18E, VFA-31 'Tomcatters,' Inherent Resolve, 2017:




Plenty of aftermarket on this one too - FOD covers, cockpit, decals and ECS pipes.


Eduard Mig-21MF, Czech Air Force, 1998:




OOB except for the seat and decals.


GWH Mig-29AS, Slovakian Air Force:




GWH base kit with a few parts and decals pinched from an Academy AS boxing to turn the GWH kit into the a Slovakian example.


Eduard Mig-21BIS, Croatian Air Force:




Had a major issue with the decals for this one. The majority of them broke up, so had to order a second sheet. As you can see, the square pattern is the wrong shade of grey.


GWH Mig-29A, Hungarian Air Force:




OOB except for the seat, FOD covers and decals.



Revell F-15E, 89-0487, 335th FS, Inherent Resolve, 2016:




Revell base kit with a lot of parts, including the ordnance, pinched from an Academy F-15E. Wanted a heavily weathered jet, so used a combination of washes, dry brushing etc to get this.


Thanks for looking.



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Very nice selection there Dave :thumbsup:


Mad Steve

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Lovely stuff Dave :clap:

Hard to pick a favourite among those but leaning towards the Tomcat....wait, the LRDG diorama...no, hang on, the F-15E.....

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Love the LRDG Dio and the planes all look excellent, after my RAF F-15E, I'm thinking maybe I should do a FAA F-14 to go with the F-18 I did a few years back.:) That Tamiya build looks excellent.

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Nice collection Dave,

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Nice work Dave, your desert dio in particular was a big inspiration to me this year. 

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