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Lavockin La-7 Eduard 1/48

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This is Gavia kit in Eduard profipack box. Its not really top quality kit, but its not that bad. Much better than average short run kits and the best La-7 that money can buy.
The worst part is where the wings join the fuselage. Some nice amount of putty is required... and a lot of patience.


The big problem is - compared with the available photos, eduard decals are wrong for any soviet La-7. Stars and numbers are wrong.

So I've used some from my friends spare box.


I've used Akan paints for the first time... They are not that bad, but just cant compare them with much better Gunze.
Best thing here is EZ line that I've used for antenna. EZ line is really an amazing thing to work with.


This airplane is in fact one of the La-7 apparently used by Stallins son. This diorama shows special political background check of the mechanic that will make repairs on Stalin jr. airplane.

















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Nice La7, but there is another problem with this kit: it sits too hight on its legs, check pics of the real thing and it's plainly noticeable. best regards.

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A wonderfull diorama of a beautifull plane. :D

The LA-7 is so much more sleek-looking than some of it's more famous contemporaries like the FW-190 or P-47 IMHO:hmmm:


When I saw the first picture i could immediately see that the poor groundcrew was in trouble even before I read the accompanying text.

That's just what a good diorama should do - be able to present a situation without having to explain a lot - very well done! :goodjob:


Cheers :bye:

Hans J

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Hello Viking,

Nice diorama aaaaand poor mechanic !!

Dougatchvili junior is probably not the most easy Customer !!

Whatever, you did great, will try this Gavia kit someday !





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