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The Kallisti Model Gallery : 2017

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The year for me started slowly, with some illness and job loss/change issues meaning I pretty much lost the modelling mojo for a couple of months. In that time two builds were started but never completed. The first of which was the Panama Land Rover conversion I wanted to do but that only got so far as a partially built Land Rover body and barracuda netting:





The second started build was an old Airfix Hawk from Space:1999




but I made such a hash of the paint job that I put it to one side and havn't picked it back up again! 


The first proper build of the year was finally completed in mid-March and it was inspired by catching an episode of the Persuaders on TV, a show I loved as a young 'un, especially Tony Curtis' Dino Dino Ferrari 246GT 




I picked up a Fujimi kit from a well know auction website




and built my version




Next up was a "Studio Scale" UFO model from the TV series of the same name. This was a resin kit and was huge fun to build






Another science fiction subject next but for a change not a Gerry Anderson production - in fact it was the Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy. This is the ship that "Star Lord" and the Guardians travel around in. It was a resin kit from Fantastic Plastic and to be honest, wasn't a very good kit. The casting was rough, but the paint job was challenging and it came out okay in the end





Time for some GB action next and it was the DeHavilland Mega GB back in May that I build a Coastal Command Mosquito because it looked like an interesting paint scheme. I added pilots and propblurs plus a watery base to produce:





Around the same time I returned to my long-running project of modelling all the aircraft my Dad worked on in his time in the RAF during WWII. Since Fly have been releasing 1:32 scale Hurricanes, I revisited a subject I'd previously attempted a couple of years earlier, namely a Hurricanel IIc of 5 Sqn in Burma. This time I wanted to portray an incident my Dad told me about:


One night when they were all resting in their tents, everyone was woken by a loud CLANG! Rushing out of their tents they saw a red-faced ground crewman in the cockpit of a Hurricane and the aircraft's bombs lying on the ground under the wings! Turns out he'd accidentally hit the bomb release switch and released the bombs by accident. Thankfully the bombs didn't fall far enough to fuse themselves!


Thus I produced a diorama I call "Clang!" its a tricky thing to photograph as its designed to be viewed from any angle...










Along came the summer and while clearing out the shed, I found a project I'd started back in 2013 but put to one side out of frustration. It was the Babylon 5 Omega Class Destroyer  from the company called Warp, which was a perfect description of the problems I was having at the time with the resin of the kit! However, this time I persevered and was able to complete it satisfactorily  










Build Page:

RFI page:


The big build of the year was started in May and finally completed in July, it was the 1:16 scale 1914 Dennis Fire Engine from Bandai. Just like the Showmans Engine and Steam roller from the same company, this is an old kit and required a great deal of work to complete. it was entered into the Telford competition in November and came away with a Commended certificate, which I was very pleased with.










By July I had an exciting new kit in my sweaty mits, the new version of the Space:1999 Eagle from Round 2. This is an updated version of the kit I built last year, but this time it is the Cargo version, prominently featured in the first episode, carrying Nuclear waste canisters. The kit provides this option so I had to work out a method of being able to show this int he completed kit. The result? Take a look...







To cap it all off, this was entered into the SMW competition in Telford in November and won Gold!





After that slice of maddness, I decided to do something "simple" and looking through the stash in the shed came across a kit I only bought because it was half price at Modelzone a few years back, the 1:48 Academy F-15E Strike Eagle, so for my second "Eagle" project of the summer I decided to build it, but in a "What If" RAF scheme. I had some Tornado GR1 decals left over from a previous build so decided to make this a 27 Sqn aircraft from the mid-90s, having come up with a story to explain why this was being flown, which involved a major design fault grounding all Tornados in the 90s and so replacements having to be sought in a hurry...











As autumn arrived, thoughts turned to Telford and our table display this year was themed around "Anniversaries" so since Star Wars was 40 years old this year, I picked up a Finemolds X-wing and Y-wing plus some resin Death Star surface tiles and had some fun building - believe it or not - my first EVER Star Wars models!










I enjoyed building them, especially the Y-wing. I've since bought some Bandai kits plus a 1:48 Finemolds X-wing!


Also for the Telford table, it just so happens to be the 50th Anniversary of Captain Scarlet, so I dug out the old Imai SPV kit and having removed the toy-like features, built it up into a fair representation of the SPV









Then another clear up of the shed turned up a kit I'd started building back in 2012, the HobbyCraft 1:48 Sea Fury, but during the build I discovered there was only one tailplane (the kit having been bought via eBay). Since that time, my scratch building skills and patience have improved considerably so I thought I'd build my own replacement and get this kit finished. After all a tailplane is just a flat bit with a few curves that can be sanded into shape...




and so it was! I finished the aircraft as a Royal Australian Navy FB 11 of 807 NAS, Nowra NSW in the late 50s just for a change








I must admit I didn't do a great job on the canopy, but it was nice to get this done and dusted!



The final completed build (so far) for 2017 was something I noticed MasterBox release last month. Its interesting what they are doing with their figure sets, they are trying to come up with something different with their series of "ordinary" people and then there is their new Mythological line of which the Centaur is the newest release. It is 1:24 Scale and about 3.5" tall. it was a bit of a departure for me as I'm not really a "figure painter" even though my dioramas have figures...












Finally, just before Christmas...


1:8 scale Dalek from Comet Miniatures











So thats been my year, as usual a curate egg of different subjects - I think the only thing missing is a ship and I'm still building the Airfix 1:48 Walrus which is a bit "ship-like" :) That could be finished before the year is out so this list may get updated!

Edited by Kallisti

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Wow Kallisti, what a wonderfully varied output you've had this year.

I love the Eagle and the Agememnon oh and the fire engine, oh and the Centaur oh and the SPV.... :)

But the Hurricane Diorama :thumbsup:. You can actually see the 'oh my god' moment in the animation of the figures :) 

Spot on old chap 


Mad Steve


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An incredible successful and prolific year, especially given the qualitative 

Edited by JamesP

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A cracking turnout for 2017, congrats on the SMW awards.


All the best Chris

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And one more before the year is up...


1:8 scale Dalek from Comet Miniatures












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Nice collection, I enjoyed seeing the Mozzie and the Hurricane in the flesh at the Salisbury show.

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Thanks guys - I may have one more to add before the end of the year...


On 17/12/2017 at 8:59 AM, Ozzy said:

Nice collection, I enjoyed seeing the Mozzie and the Hurricane in the flesh at the Salisbury show.


It was a tight squeeze getting anything on the table at Salisbury since so many of us turned up!

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Hello Kallisti !

Congratulations for gold at Telford ! Well done !

You did great against all that difficulties, that's just making it greater !!

Really like the Klang !! So much of these war stories !

It's brilliant to illustrate it through the models !!



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Thanks @corsaircorp - I was hoping to finish my Walrus as well before the year ended but my mojo ran out on it so it will have to get completed in the new year. Been enjoying watching yours come together!

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You've been busy! Love the variety you've managed, I really must go back and paint the MB fantasy figures I've built.


I think despite my sci-fi preferences I like the Clang diorama the best - it's a neat bit of storytelling and very nicely finished.



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