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Space:1999 Auxiliary (Spine) Booster Pack for the 1/48 Scratch Built Eagle - Complete

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The Spine Booster Pack for my eagle is now complete. I think It has turned out quite well and it fits on to the Eagle spine perfectly.


The finish is Halfords White Primer over coated with Halfords matt lacquer. Details are picked out with red-brown, gloss orange, extra dark sea grey and blue. Decals are some spares from the bit box and some specific markings were printed on white paper and glued in place and lacquered. I also used some Humbrol weathering powders to add a little dirt but not much.












The Booster pack clipped on to the Eagles spine frame













Eagle meet Eagle meet... er.. Volvo T5?


Two generations of Eagle; the LEM of our first Moon Landing and the space:1999 Eagle. I added the Volvo to give some sense of real world scale. The Volvo is actually 1/43 scale; my eagle is somewhere between 1/43 and 1/48 and the LEM is 1/48.

I wonder what the Astronauts are thinking...








Hope you like it.


A link to the Build is here Space:1999 1/48 Scratch Built Spine Booster Pack


A link to  the Eagle build is here Scratch Build - 1/48 Eagle Transporter (Space:1999)





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9 minutes ago, Hunter Rose said:

A nice bit if scratching, looks like part ofbthe kit!

Thank you - however, there are no kits here; the Eagle is a scratch build too.



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22 minutes ago, Karl said:

Thank you - however, there are no kits here; the Eagle is a scratch build too.



Well hot damn thats even more impressive! Thats what I get fr not properly reading topic titles :blush:

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Not a lot to say other than stunning work,sir!


I know what Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are thinking.


Armstrong is thinking, crikey, here we are on the moon in 1969 and in a few years time the TV programme makers think by 1999 there's going to be a moonbase here, and their Eagles are going to look like this!


And Aldrin is thinking, crikey, when these Apollo missions are over, no one will visit the moon for nearly 50 years and this Volvo will be the height of their technology!




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great build - I enjoyed the WIP - its all turned out good and unique


Perhaps you could try and release this as your own white metal / resin type garage production add-on kit for those who want it but can't get or make it.


very nice scratch work

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