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Madness... Madness, they call it Madness......UPDATED

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Well.... what a year this has been

From wife being diagnosed with, and beating breast cancer, to me being retrenched and my girls asking who’s that old man cleaning the house? Working away from home the past 11 years, I actually like being a stay at home dad now😊


Anyhoo, onto this year’s victims( as you can see, like other years, I stuck to one theme :) )


Airfix Supacat Jackal & Quad 1/48th

This was started a while ago, and finished this year. The Jackal has the PE set from Airfix.

Loved the kits, especially the Quad. Both finished in Tamiya Acrylics



Trumpeter JGSDF NBC Detection Vehicle 1/35th

I wanted to start building Armour again, and decided on modern Japanese stuff. Bought a whole heap of JGSDF kits during the year, built exactly one. Finished in Tamiya




German Luchs 1/72nd

This was a mojo build. Lost the will to stick for a while, so I dragged myself kicking and screaming to the model shop, forced myself to buy something I don’t normally build and voila…

Likewise with the JGSDF I thought 72nd scale Bundeswehr vehicles would be fun too, bought heaps of them, built none of them…

I quite like it, was loads of fun to build. Finished in Tamiya Acrylics.




I have been an abject failure this year in bringing wee plastic bikes into the world, but in my defense,  one was a big one 😊

Tamiya Kawasaki KZ1300 1/6th

This was a grail kit… I have wanted one ever since I saw them in the window of Beatties in Birmingham yonks ago.  It may be 30+ odd years old but it still is to today’s standards and it is mahoosive. Its finished in Tamiya TS 37 Lavender, and It pains me to admit, but the colour doesn’t suit the bike (my opinion) so now I’m looking for the Z1300 too 😊




Tamiya Kustom Katana 1/12th

I love Katanas and love building them. This one is a slight custom, has a 4 in 1 exhaust, wheels come from a YZR 500 and front mudguard from a Hayabusa. It’s not immediate noticeable from the pictures but its actually painted in three types of Black. Semi Gloss, Matt and Rubber Black, from Tamiya.




Ducati 1199 Panigale 1/12th

This was from the Panigale Buddy Build that was on again, off again, on again… you get the picture. Just about every Panigale I had seen built was red, and I didn’t want mine to be red. Its finished in Tamiya Chrome yellow, Rubber black and Gloss Aluminium. Hobby Design PE set was also used (well most of it, part of the chain is still stuck to my cutting mat😊) This is the best bike kit Tamiya have ever built. Period.



Cars fared a bit better…

Revell Shelby Mustang GT500 1/12th

What a whopper 😊. It is an excellent kit in that it builds up very nicely with no issues, but it fall’s down in the amount of detail that is missing, and could have been added, especially in this scale. It took ages to get the body smooth and proper for paint but I am very happy with the end result. Finished in Gravity Ford Grabber Blue and Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black.




Moebius 52 Hudson Hornet 1/24th

First time building a Moebius kit and I am very very impressed. They are fully detailed and all the bits actually fit together, (unlike some other American makes 😊). The grey is actually one of the AS colours if I remember correctly, or Haze Grey, something like that, and the white is Racing White. Can’t recommend these kits enough, really fantastic builds.




Tamiya Aston Martin DB9 1/24th

 I love Tamiya kits and love Aston Martins. Finished in Tamiya TS Metallic Forest Green. What you can’t see where I spilled Acetone on it on the right hand side, so it wont be long before Mr DB9 will be getting an all expenses paid weekend trip to the Dettol Spa, where after it will be painted Titanium Silver.




Tamiya Mazda MX5 1/24th

There was quite a hoohah when this was released and rightly so, it is an excellent kit. Finished in Tamiya TS Mica Blue. It was supposed to be painted in Metallic Red, but I bought the wrong colour.




Tamiya Honda S600 1/24th 

This is a beautiful kit, it really is a lovely car and it builds up fantastically, but I seem to have had a problem with the fitting of the engine, so I eventually removed it. Finished in Tamiya TS Pure White with Matt Red interior.




Tamiya Mercedes 300SL 1/24th 

This took months to build because of the mojo bum out I had, but I decided to climb into it and finish it and I think it turned out quite nicely. Matt Red Interior and TS Semi-Gloss Black. Hobby design PE set was also used, well most of it. If I may brag just a little bit, at our yearly model car show this year it won Best Classic Factory stock, Best Production Car and was a runner up in Overall Best of Show 😊




Tamiya Honda NSX 1/24th 

Another new release, another fantastic kit and another ‘ah poo it doesn’t look right’ This kit actually went into the Dettol bath twice because I didn’t like the colour and I finally settled on Zero Grigio Scuro, (which is actually a Ducati Colour), but I was trying for a Matt Metallic Grey… I still like it, love the shape but I realise now the shape doesn’t lend itself to matt colours. Oh well, live and learn.




Heller Bugatti T50 Barn Find 1/24th

I must admit, I am not a fan of Heller car kits, so when I was added to a challenge at our yearly model car show I was well pleased . Everything was going fine until I tried to get the bonnet to fit and it was about 2mm too short, so it went onto the shelf of doom until I was overcome by a desire to shove it under a tarp. Tarp is tissue paper painted over with diluted white glue, then various shades of Tamiya Acrylics to make it look dusty. I actually like the way it came out 😊



Italeri Iveco Turbo 190-36 1/24th

I used to build a lot of trucks, but haven’t built one in about 10 years, so this was the first.

Nice kit, finished in Tamiya TS paints, and decals from various other kits.




Italeri Volvo FH16 Globetrotter 1/24th

Second truck on the go, still not quite finished yet. Finished in Tamiya TS 41 Coral Blue.




The nearly but not quite shelf was, at one point, actually cleared. Left unchecked however, it seems to have spawned into.....

-          Aoshima Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

-          Aoshima Lamborghini Aventador Lp700 Roadster

-          Aoshima Pagani Huayra

-          Italeri Tecnokar 20’ Container Trailer

-          Tamiya Kawasaki H2R (about to start on the carbon decals)

-          Airfix Jaguar XKR GT3

-          Airfix Tiger Moth (red one)(Yeeeees a wingy thing)

-          Airfix BE2c (Yeeees another wingy thing)

-          Tamiya JGSDF Type 90 (glued the wheels together)

-          Meng Renault FT17 (no, still not finished)


Thanks for looking chaps, all comments are gladly appreciated.

All the best for the New Year and a Merry Christmas to you all


Mad Steve

Edited by MAD STEVE

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That lot looks very impressive, and it was all built this year? :shocked:


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Blimey, that is one heck of a turn-out for the year.  Well done.

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Well I have had a bit more free time this year :) 

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Figure painting is the hardest bit of model making, second is making vehicles, any of them, for lots of reasons, you obviously are very good at this dark art, my favourite, the gull wing merc, the rest are superbly made 😊

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That looks like an excellent collection for the year to me. :clap2::clap2:

I do especially like the motorbikes - I've got couple to build at some point that I got when a toy shop in Leicester was closing down a few years back. Only problem is that I don't think brush painting them is going to get the finish required.

Kind regards,


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Plastix :bye:

Thanks man

I'd say you can probably get away with doing 80% brushpainted, but it is difficult to do the bodywork etc with a brush. 

You could always just do those with a rattlecan. I wont tell anyone, promise :) 


Mad Steve

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Afternoon Chaps :bye:


I'm snucking in another one :)

Airfix 32nd scale Jaguar XKR GT3

These kits have intrigued me since they were released and I decided to buy them and see what they were like... 

Whizz forward to 2017 and I've actually built one :) 

Very nice kits, needs a bit of fettling here and there and when you get over the horrible wheels they are quite delightful

The decals put up one hell of a fight, especially on the rear wings, but with oodles of microsol they eventually behaved



Love & Kisses

Mad Steve

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Hello Steve,

Pretty impressive collection !

I really enjoyed ! :clap:



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