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Hi all,


this is my P-51/D "Mustang"  I always wanted to add this bird to my collection. I was looking for an unusually "stang" and found this "blue nose".


Parts used for this model:

  • Hasegawa P-51D
  • True Details Cockpit
  • Aires Wheel Bay
  • Ultracast Porpeller
  • Ultracast exhaust stacks 
  • Ultracast  landing flaps

If you want to see the built steps, please visit "Work in Progress"

After all I have to say, the Hasegawa Kit is still a great kit but needs some help with the details


Thanks for watching!



















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Very nicely done Knaupel (Pete)😍👍


The Hasegawa Mustang is still a very nice model and you have a better canopy / windscreen with the Hasegawa 51 too.


By the way nice job on your P-51B ‘s ‼️




Mr.Happy (In name only)




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I just bought a couple more Hase Mustangs :P Why? Because this kit still holds up. It could use some sprucing up, like you said, but even OOB it still looks better than the HB kit. Of the glut of P-51 kits in this scale now, this is still near the top. Airfix and Meng take the top spot, followed by Tamiya and Hase.

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If you hadn't stated the scale, I would have assumed at least 48th and probably 32nd.

Superb work!

Having built a Hasegawa P-51 (a B-version) myself, yours is additional proof that it's a pretty nice little kit.


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Nice looking Mustang!


I built the kit back in the 80s (?) when it first came out, and aside from the momentary lapse of sanity Hasegawa took when they insisted you install the exhaust stacks from the inside, i found it a remarkably fast build. The model definitely benefits more than average from aftermarket, but its still a nice kit, especially for those who are "meh" about Mustangs, like me.



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