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PBY-5 Canso colour demarcations for Buffalo Air yellow?

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I wish to start painting a model of a PBY-5A Catalina as a Canso of Buffalo Air in this yellow livery but am having difficulty identifying the colour demarcations, especially from above and below.  Does anyone here know of the source for the top plan and underside colour areas please.  I am building the kit as part of a Group Build but cannot continue until I can ascertain the colour locations.





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I must have Googled about a dozen times without seeing that first image; thanks for finding it.  I was concerned whether the red underside continued over the top but that images shows it doesn't.  I think I can now work out where the red/yellow demarcations go on the underwing, by counting the frames (chords?) in from the end.


There are some visual differences between the two images, 708 has yellow float supports and 714 has red, plus 714 has antennae along the spine whereas 708 appears to have one overwing.


Thanks again for posting these finds, they will be of great help for me.



Crimea River - Julie London fan?  can't stop singing it now!!

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