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A few quick snaps before I prime. The Italeri kit was a quick, fun build without too many issues aside from some minor gaps in the armour plates, slightly unhelpful instructions that showed a few parts as looking slightly different to they actually are (The box art was a great reference though) and slightly simplified detail (to my eye) in places.

Other than that, I'm happy with this one. Any suggestions of which colour to use? I'm struggling to find references for Italian Olive Green.


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Coat of Tamiya Black Green (or IJN navy green, maybe?), followed by a few highlights, where I lightened it up with Field Grey. Next came detail painting, markings, and a dusty buff coat on the lower part, which turned out a bit speckly in places due to not thinning the paint quite enough. 
More pictures to come.

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4 hours ago, Blaubar said:

Interesting vehicle and that's a pretty empty calendar in the backghround^^.

It'll be full soon enough... ;)





Some quick snaps of my progress so far.

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