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Ark Royal's last cruise -Phantom FG1:Tractor and base close to completion


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On 3/22/2020 at 3:09 PM, perdu said:

Not so sure meself, I thought that was an early Doppler unit


(went for a look, it is)

The Ryan AN/APN97 Doppler radar it says in the 4+ book on page 32


And adds marvellous dimension to the model, all looking fabulous Massimo

Bill is, of course, completely right; no idea what I was thinking.  It’s the detector of dopples.

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Good evening mates,

when I removed the masking ,I was dissapointed about the paper sticking to the orange paint, but quite happy with the colors, which look really bad with flash but were quite good with naturallight.

7 hours ago, perdu said:

I get the Blue Grey treatment Massimo but that pink isnt much like dayglo is it?

Following Bill's comment , my certainties about the color fell dramatically. 

So,after an afternoon in bad mood, tonight Idecided to try toimprove things.

First I sanded the area where paper had stuck  and then, when I was ready to spray fluorescent orange, I decided to add a couple of drops of red by Vallejo and some more turpentine, to soften the effect.





I have to say it worked!

Here below a few pictures. They are quite bad as the flash doesn't give the idea of the real color, but to me it looks really good,much better than before.

First a comparison between how it looked before and how it is  now.




The next ones were taken without the flash.





And finally a couple to actual stage of the project...I'm slowly getting there!!! I love the contrast of the different color schemes!




Tomorrow I'll post a couple of pictures taken with natural light.

I have to thank Bill because, without his comment, I would have repaired the mess, but left the colors as they were.

Thanks for watching and stay safe!

Good night


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Hallo mates,

hope you'reall ok.

Last night, before going to bed I sprayed a layer of Future to create an even base for the decals between the two different colors and this morning I got ready for decalling....

I had these three sheets, one of which courtesy of @AntPhillips dedicated to Wessex no 57. on board Ark Royal in 1970. This includes Ark royal crest for the fuselage and the infalable floats' covers fitted to thewheels. Unfortunately my choice is for exemple XP151 ( 47 R) which was on board in 1978, thus I had to find some numbers of various sizes in thespares box.




Unfortunately all of them were qhite old and caused some troubles.



Consideringthe small amount of decals, it took me a long time to apply them and even those from the kit's box, thus relatively young, tended tpo brake and did't respond to the softening effectsofMicro Set and Micro Sol,expecially theblackrectengles over the back of the fuselage.

Anyway at the end I got them all fixed.

The XP151 codes atthe rear of the fuselage are still missing as I couldn't find any numbers of the right size. The numbers 047 at the nose sides have some gaps which I'll fill with a touch of white. Some of them will be treated with some more softener,as I preferred to let them set and dry in place first.

Here below a few pictures which show the orange colour with natural life.


With flash



Without flash







Ark Royal's crest. The crest's background was light blue, thus I painted a circle of this color before applying the decal.



Not a Bright day Today, but I wanted to compare the old color with the new one.













This is it for now. Stay safe!!!



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Looking very nice, Massimo - but might I suggest that the 'R' on the fin is a little big, a touch too far back, and also an angle (rather than upright)...

....from the Modeldecal instructions photo back on page 1, it looks to me like it should be a similar size to that in 'Rescue', and positioned centrally...

....hopefully, you've still got the spare pair of 'Rescue' titles to steal a replacement from - BTW, those wheels and tyres look a little bit 'washed out'! 🤣

Edited by andyf117
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Love the new colour. I did some fluorescent orange on the Airfix Vampire and Gnat, and it looked totally different every time I looked at it, and different again in every photo. Putting some red with it seems to have calmed it down and it looks great!




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...I had just removed the masking from the canopy, after spraying a semi-gloss layer....:angry::wall::banghead:




I hadn't noticed those Rs were angled.

About the size I didn't find any smaller one and didn't think of using one from thespares Rescue  decals!!!

That's splendid!!! 

So I've just removed the Rs from the tail, but...well.. some paint came off as well!!!




So now I'll have to spray Blue gray enamel again!!!:angry:

Ok,that's it for Today.

I'm not  going to do this tonight, as Iìm working in the Kitchen and yesterday, wether Iworkedwiththe window open, my wife wasn't very happy with the enamel's smell !!!



Edited by Massimo
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Hello Massimo,

Very nice job... I apologize for any rocket fuel's vapor that can have make your R squiffy... :cheers:@limeypilot

I should be very cautious when I open some beer, did'nt figured that it can fly so far away... 

Anyway, give the dimensions needed fror your R I have a white RAF lettering decal sheet, may be I can help..

These generic decal sheet are helpfull, I used it oftenly.

Really love your Wessex !! 



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Good morning you all and thanks for the nice comments!

5 hours ago, CJP said:

will she have folded or spread rotor blades?


My first intention was for folded blades,combined with but at the moment I'm considering blades spread held by cablest o avoid rotor turning,as shown here below.



Anyway the main hub has been assembled and PE have been added to see if ti needs extra detail. Should I change mind and go for folded blades, I can still cut them.


Going back to the tail, I oversprayed blue grey in the damaged areas, shading it a little with addition of a touch of white.





Then I applied the smaller Rs taken from the spare RESCUE.




I think they aren't angled now.




I checked online and found Xtradecals sheet 72158 is exactly what I need to fill the small remaining gap like the code XP151 and the small Royal Navy at the cockpit's sides.



...This may take some time.....


Next on my list were the wheels. Those in the Italeri kit have a nice detail, which won't be visible once the inflatables' covers are added.

I thought it would have been a  waste and thus I decided for the Matchbox kit to come to help. From this Kit I may use the wheels and the S-shaped exhausts, better thai the Italeri straight ones, but slightly smaller in diameter. I'll decide later. I'll use the Italeri wheels for the Matchbox kit which will be a later version with no inflatables by the wheels.




So I painted the wheels black first and then I shaded them with dark grey,while the inflatables' covers were painted white.



A layer of Future and the decals were applyed.



Once dry, A new layer of Future followed by one of satin finish and then the wheels were glued in place and left to set overnight.




Now I could concentrate on the tail rotor which painting required a few passages and... a lot of masking! 

White first, then red forthe blades' tips.



Masking and Aluminium for the blades.




More masking for the blades' tips and leading edges, of a darker metal shade.




After another layer of Future,I painted the Hub grey and the blades' roots red.



Then I added the PE at the front and painted it grey, followed by: a layer of Future , a black wash fillowed by a dry-brush to enlighten the detail and finally a layer of clear satin.






This is how it looks once dry fitted.




I also masked and painted the black walk-way on the orizontal winglets (what's their proper name?)



As most pictures of 47 R show a blue grey plate on right (starboard?:rofl:) side the nose, this morning I decided to mask the area and go for it!



Not to damage the decals ,I cut very thin strips of Tamiya tape, which I piled on several layers, to keep a distance between them and the main mask.







Last job this morning was to paint the front grid blue gray.



While I was typing this post, the door bell rang and this arrived:



I got it second hand for 15 Euros, a great deal and it's new!!! From a first look,it looks a great book, very useful for modelling purposesand full of good hints for future project, like this exemple on board Ark Royal on an earlier  period.




This is it for now, I've got a new book to read!!!!



Edited by Massimo
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1 hour ago, Terry1954 said:

Your R's is looking much better now surely ................. oops no! 😁

You're just angling for a Fnarr from Ced...

2 hours ago, Kirk said:

Indeed. Nice R's, Massimo.

So are you!

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4 hours ago, Massimo said:

My first intention was for folded blades,combined with but at the moment I'm considering blades spread held by cablest o avoid rotor turning,as shown here below.


Anyway the main hub has been assembled and PE have been added to see if ti needs extra detail. Should I change mind and go for folded blades, I can still cut them.

Save folded blades - and tail - for the Sea King, Massimo, I'd say...

....thanks for the kind comment on my HAS.1 - please don't hesitate to ask if you think I may be able to assist with anything for yours...

....the following shows the basic mods needed for the Revell kit - also applicable to the Airfix HAR.3 (if I recall correctly, you've got both):


(Just ignore the parts about Orange Crop boxes, which you won't have anyway)

Looking back, I see there was a discussion about decals, differing styles of markings etc throughout much of page 34...

Edited by andyf117
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