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Hot Skies over Yemen Vol.1 - Helion & Company via Casemate UK


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Hot Skies over Yemen Vol.1

ISBN : 9788365437556

Helion & Company via Casemate UK




When you think of Yemen it seems to be one of those parts of the world blighted by conflict. In more recent history it was divided between the British and Otter-man empires, then a British Protectorate in the South. Later after becoming independent it became a Marxist state. The two parts would unite only to later fall into Civil war. With no real functioning government the country seems to have fallen into control of extremists with a revolution in 2011, and coup in 2014 and a current civil war. Currently the US and Saudi Arabia are engaged in fighting there against forces said to supported by Iran. 





This new publication from Helion & Company deals with the aerial warfare over Yemen from British control in 1962 upto 1994 civil war. The book looks at the following areas;


  1. Geopolitical Background
  2. Yemen Civil War 1962-1967
  3. Yemeni Air Forces
  4. The Long Way To Union
  5. Yemen Civil War 1994


The book is A4 softbound and 64 pages long. It is illustrated throughout with black and white photographs. In the centre are seven pages of colour plates showing profiles of the aircraft involved. 





If you're interested in the lesser known Air Forces, and conflicts of the war this is to be recommended. 





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