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Does anyone recognise this badge? USAF?

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Hi all - yet again!


Still on the scrounge for the support of the wise collective! ;)


Does anyone know this badge? It is on a TB-26 and possible it is of USAF origin. Any thoughts?


849tow-retouchedail badge


Thanks so much!




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6 hours ago, RidgeRunner said:

Oh, sorry chaps. It is for the 2nd Target Tow Squadron, Chilean Air Force.



Jeez, Louise, Martin- I spent all my time searching for that bleedin' badge on the 'net and it's for a Chilean Invader? I'm going back to sleep!


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On 25 November 2017 at 10:20 PM, RidgeRunner said:


Sorry, I imagined it was USAF.......



Hi Mike!


back to this subject. It looks like I was mistaken. The badge is of the USAF's 2nd Tow Target Squadron, based at Mitchel Field, NY . 


Best regards,



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