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Airfix Vulcan XM607 Black Buck

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Hi guys


Here is the Airfix Vulcan I recently finished. I built her for a guy who's dad used to be a flight engineer on these before the Black Buck missions of 1982. He had been given the kit by family but never got round to building it. My club West Middlesex were contacted back in July 2016 asking if someone could build this for him. I volunteered as I built one as a kid and wanted to see how she would turn out by today’s standards. At this point I had no idea of the life tribulations that would come up as the build progressed. Everything modelling stalled from October 2016 until March 2017 because we moved house followed a month later the birth of our second child. Roll onto November 2017 and around 110 hours of work, she is finally finished.


I decided to build XM607 from Black Buck 1. The aftermath was the famous picture of a string of craters including the single crater on Port Stanley’s runway.


The build


I was given free rein on this to do and add what I felt the build needed. The first job was to completely re-scribe the entire kit. This took an age but was well worth it. The kits raised details were optimistic to say the least considering how much sanding and filling is needed to get her decent. For aftermarket items I purchased the Master metal refuelling probe, 26 decals cockpit masks and Freightdog’s “Gods of Sea and Fire” decal sheet. Next we had @gazza l offering his stunning homemade turned brass exhausts. These are exquisite and really draw the eye when viewing from the back. Lastly @Jason provided the AN/ALQ-101 ECM pod from his spares box. The aircraft was painted with Gunze.


WIP Here


Thanks for looking.



38549648436_7703821bd7_h.jpgDSC_7998 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


38606873061_01e594988d_h.jpgDSC_8001 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


38549646766_9e8f1c9404_h.jpgDSC_8005 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


37718742385_a6522257ab_h.jpgDSC_8006 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


37718740945_cbe133bc62_h.jpgDSC_8007 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


24734456238_ab258fccfa_h.jpgDSC_8014 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


37718738555_92d3e08a08_h.jpgDSC_8017 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


38574151012_f512cd6999_h.jpgDSC_8029 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


37718736255_38bf035442_h.jpgDSC_8032 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


38574148532_120c81dd6c_h.jpgDSC_8033 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


37718735095_920a4a3e3b_h.jpgDSC_8035 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


37718734305_036054179e_h.jpgDSC_8036 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


24734451998_aa6dcedd17_h.jpgDSC_8040 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


38574145312_ac3d0ad0ba_h.jpgDSC_8041 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


37718732175_bf2f2ca26b_h.jpgDSC_8042 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


37889299204_a8c51668cc_h.jpgDSC_8043 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


37889298164_32edba5161_h.jpgDSC_8044 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


37718730035_ac472125cf_h.jpgDSC_8046 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


37889296614_760b90ab0e_h.jpgDSC_8049 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


37718728935_063027d4bf_h.jpgDSC_8050 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


37889295064_5a8a4696f7_h.jpgDSC_8053 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


38574139932_950d0ed5ae_h.jpgDSC_8057 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


37889293684_ef0a530cf5_h.jpgDSC_8062 by Mark Inman, on Flickr


26829973959_e8af22b406_h.jpgDSC_8067 by Mark Inman, on Flickr

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Amazing work.  

The shape of the Airfix Vulcan is so right, and the panbel detail makes it look much more convincing.


The dark grey underside of the Black Buck Vulcans looks so menacing as well.  Brilliantly finished as well I may add, love the restrained weathering of the upper surface finish.


I am rapidly running out of patience with Airfix for a New Tool Vulcan and when I see work like this it makes me start thinking that rescribing and all that filling may be worth it!

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3 hours ago, ArmouredSprue said:

Stunning model mate. Very well done!


May I ask how did you paint the underside? I mean, what colours did you use?



Thank you. 


The topside colours are Mr Color C335 Medium Sea Grey and C330 Dark Green. 

The underside is C331 Dark Sea Grey.

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Magnificent rendition of a magnificent machine!


Whenever I see a Vulcan, my inner eye sees Angelo Palazzi, played by Paul Stassino, Ps002.jpg


in the first officer's seat in the cockpit of a very special Vulcan…




in you-know-what-movie…


Magnificent modelling!


Kind regards,



(some notes on the T-ball Vulcans and the mockup here: https://www.urbanghostsmedia.com/2012/06/rare-photographs-avro-vulcan-bomber-mock-up-thunderball-bond/

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