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Chroming chrome & making it look used.


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Hi all,

I'm getting back into modeling after many years away.

I'm mainly going to be doing motorcycles, British bikes specifically.

Looking at the chrome parts, I'm sure there must be a way of getting wheels, chains etc.. looking better.

I've seen removing the chrome with thick bleach but nothing more.

Is there an idiots guide to doing this somewhere or a pic by pic instruction maybe?

Including how to age the bike and a general tutorial on washes & stuff like making it "real"

I've seen a bike on here that was stunning and looked so real.

The chain was phenomenal.

Thanks in advance.



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Never tried the pens yet , have one just waiting for a use for  it.

For chrome I have used Alclad to good effect.

For bikes I recommend a selection of metal finish's as there are a lot of diff metals on bikes.

This means you will have to have a spray set up for the proper usage. 

 You don't say what scale or type of bikes......

Here is a 1/9 custom I recently finished


All kinds of finish's on that one , from painted to actual; s/s parts, which as the scale goes up , the more real metal can be used. The primary belt guard being fashioned out of polished s/s sheet.


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