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P-51D Update sets, seatbelts & masks - Eduard for 1/48 Airfix Kit

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P-51D PE update sets & masks

1:48 Eduard - For Airfix Kit




The new Airfix kit is a good one. Eduard are now along with a few update sets to detail the kit.



Interior Set (49861)

This set is for the interior, mainly the cockpit. There is one nickel platted coloured fret and one plain one. The colour fret is dominated buy the mulit part instrument panel. Also included here are side consoles additional cocpit parts and gunsight parts.  The brass fret contains parts for the canopy framing, radio area, various access panels, seat parts and the armoured head reat. . If wanted the coloured fret is available as a Zoom set which contains just the coloured fret.




Full Set     bin.jpg

Zoom Set bin.jpg



Exterior (48930)

This set provides parts for the radiator, inside rear of the radiator bay, insdie the gear wells, the rear wheel bay doors, vents on the engine cowling, parts for the gear legs and main gear doors and new fins (4 sets) for bombs to be carried. 





Seatbelts (FE854)

This set provides a full sets of seatbelts. These are the newer Steel type.







Masks (EX560)

This set provides all the masks for the glazing and wheels in the yellow tape. 









Review samples courtesy of


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