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Hasegawa F-104 in Belgian markings


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I have been working on this project for a couple of weeks now. The progress is slow as I want to super detail this model using CMK detail sets. 


I will be using superb DACO decals for Belgian Air Force. The aircraft I have in mind is one in the retirement scheme with yellow wing tanks in Tiger Meet scheme. 


I m using Lock On 1 Lockheed F-104G-J Starfighter book as a reference. This book has very good detailed pictures of almost areas covered by CMK sets. 




First steps to accommodate extensive CMK detail sets is to butcher the fuselage port and starboard halves. Making those cuts is time consuming.












While test fitting, I noticed CMK gun bay is a bit short.




Some detail work on engine 









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5 hours ago, franky boy said:

Great work so far. Will be watching with great interest.


BTW did you know that there's an F104 single type group build just started here on BM? 




No I did not!! How to join the group build? 

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4 hours ago, stalal said:


No I did not!! How to join the group build? 

Find the group build section of the forum and go into current group builds and you'll find it in there. 


As Dennis said above just start yourself a new topic and let the fun begin!


Look forward to seeing you there.



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This is the version I intend to build 




Some images of the finished cockpit and seat. Seat still needs some photo etched buckles. 


Hasegawa cockpit isnt bad and I have used the decal provided in the kit to show the details of the cockpit. 








Details on the finished engine which will show through the ventral opening in the rear of the fuselage. I have used Testors Model Masters metallic shades and also some passes of Gunze Burnt Iron.  






To capture the full splendor of detail, I have to juggle between three instruction sets. A misstep could be difficult to undo so I m being careful and slow. 



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Too late - I noticed the other you'd started after I'd moved the original, and as it had no replies, I've deleted it, so this is your go-to thread that's now in the correct place :)

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Hasegawa F-104 series kits are crisply detailed with sharp lines.


Comparison between some resin and kit's plastic parts




But in some areas, resin captures superior detail like in the wheel wells.




I dont understand logic behind keeping the navigation lights blanked up. Drilling holes in so many of them is time consuming and getting the center right to dill a hole is a pain. On top of that, as if make fun of us, Hasegawa instructions call it 'an additional handicraft' ! 



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Nice start!, thanks for your comparisson pics!

For drilling, edpecially in hard plastic like this onem I prefer to mark the center with a needle, were thd drill bit eadily centers...

Handicraft... do they mean hand tool? :D


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With all the 'handicraft' lights installed in the fuselage, its now time to look to stitch together the fuselage halves. But this is a step that should be executed with care. There are three instruction sets here - 2 from CMK detail sets and one from the kit. The CMK set instructions at some steps contradict each other. So I have been cautious to not mess up something. 


The intake halves need a slight amount of filling as ends leave a little gap. 




The engine block at the top is very thick and it comes in the way of the wing tabs. Its important to find where the wing tabs will overlap with the resin block. So one of the test fittings was to set a rough area on top of engine block to sand down and mark the area on the wing tab to cut. 




Once that is done, the engine block is aligned and fitted on one half of the fuselage.  




Parts K9 and K11 should be cut as per instruction and fitted on the wheel wells resin block. 




After carefully painting the engine, its unfortunate how little will be seen of it when the fuselage halves are glued together. Looking down the fuselage one last time




With so many resin parts going in, its not possible to glue the fuselage in one go. So its the rear of the fuselage being glued first. 



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Most of Hasegawa F-104 version state the undercarriage color to be silver/aluminum.


However, looking through Lock On Starfighter book on Belgian Air Force Starfighter, it seems the undercarriage color is light grey or white.


Can some expert on F-104 here verify what the color of undercarriage on Belgian F-104s?

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